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Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 longest days of my life! (NB: really long post)

Hey guys, I haven't updated lately, but here I finally am. Sure a rough week I had, Organic Chemistry test, Earth Science test, Biochemistry lab to write up and then a Chemistry lab to write up as well. and every thing just decided it was gonna happen around Thursday and Friday.. how unfortunate. Oh yea, I also had a Caribbean Civilisation test on Saturday and a Biochemistry assignment for Monday, which was supposed to be put online since 2 weeks ago :(. What a week!  (REALLY LONG POST)

So I tried my hardest to revise for the Chemistry from Monday, because that weekend I had a an overdue Chemistry lab which i handed in the Monday.(physical chemistry can be soooo hard and time consuming!) I didn't finish studying for the Chemistry test until Thursday morning, like 3am.. wowzers.. very late, but I had slept earlier (thanks to my dad, I had a nice supply of coffee while i studied, but not too much hehehe). The unfortunate thing about pulling that "all-nighter" if you want to call it that, was that the next day I had a class at 8 am! Sigh.. so I woke up like a zombie the next morning but I survived until 9 am when this ridiculous headache came out of no where. Again I will say THANK GOD FOR COFFEE, because it really did save me from that headache. 
As my Biochemistry class continues, the lecturer mentions something that we have to do for her lab which is today... gee how helpful of you to tell me this now. Luckily I had looked at the lab during my down-time from Chemistry studying and was able to complete the task. (Thank you GOD)
After Biochemistry, I had a couple free periods, so I completely my Biochem lab lucky and still had some time for lunch as well as a quick Chemistry refresher. I could not have asked for better time management :). Finally it was time for the Chemistry test, and I tried to stay calm and collected, however I think near to the end I freaked out a bit. Not one of my best tests, but I will definitely make up for it elsewhere and with better time management as well. (scolds self).

After the Chemistry test, I practically had to run across campus to my locker and then the Biochemistry lab which I had next. I arrived just in time and the lab went relatively smoothly (thank God again!), we even finished with time to spare. So I looked for a quiet place and started on my Chemistry lab write up to be handed in on Friday. Then I had to quit that and run off to my weekly Earth Science test. Now the thing about weekly tests is that you love and hate them. On one hand if you do badly one week you can make up for it another week, but then again if like me you have a ton of things to do that week, it's a bit inconvenient to study for that especially if it's on topics form the last class. But I digress, the test went well and again I had time to do a bit more work before leaving school. 
Sadly, instead of going to sleep and waking back up, I was so exhausted that I slept through the entire night and didn't wake up until 7 or 8 am the next morning. It was a well deserved rest in my opinion, however I do think I should have at least done some work on my Chemistry lab. First on Friday, I went to visit my cat at the vet (he's sick :( ) then for once, I didn't miss my Friday class. My body has a habit of thinking the class is at another time and sleeps in, or does work on a lab before leaving home, and then I am late by my fault or the shuttle to school... which is really unfortunate.

I spent Friday (after class) working on my Chemistry lab, which sadly because time is learning even better how to fly, I hadn't completed in time. So I carried it home to finish during the weekend).On my way home Friday evening, my dad surprised me with a trip for ice cream! Just the reward I needed for such a harsh week. Again when I got home, I went straight to sleep, then I woke up late (12 am) to study a bit for Caribbean Civilisation. I actually think that bit of study helped  along with some reading I did for pleasure (old novel I'm finally reading haha). Saturday came and the test went a lot better than expected, both or my pens wrote out during and I had to resort to my 3rd pen which was not even the same colour, but a test is a test and once you write something you'll get marks lol. ( I had actually started to study for Carib Civ on Wednesday after my Chemistry lab but there was such a run around at the library, I just went home. 

Saturday was a both good and bad day, I went shopping for a couple essentials, which I may do a haul video for.  Also there was the launch of "Reb'l Fleur" in Barbados (finally, I think we should have had it first!). That was fun and a bit confusing, people where singing Rihanna songs and there were giveaways. Sadly I didn't have my camera so I couldn't shoot any videos or take any pictures. The cold my body was fighting off for the past week, finally set in, and it was harsh. My voice was almost gone from Friday and then on Saturday it was here and there. Anyway, after town I went home to relax a bit (read my novel again) and then decides to work on the Biochemistry assignment, because if I started back on the Chemistry lab there would be no end to Chemistry lol. Thank God for sending me Ashley to help me through my work freak-out I had thinking about the work to do, thanks Ash!) By 12 am, I was almost finished and had time for a bit of recreation (YouTube and Facebook!)
This morning, I woke up aching all over, and didn't go to church :(. I went back to sleep until about 3 pm or so, feeling a lot better, but still with no voice. I finished my Chemistry lab write up and was thinking about doing some Biochemistry (I found some books online, for all you students like me who can't always buy books, Google Books is a life-saver!) And now, here I am, just updating you about my really rough week.. or 3 days...what ever you want to call it. 

How was your week? As rough as mine? Lighter? Hope you enjoy this coming week, I 'll try to keep you posted about mine! Here's something to keep you going! 
Onigiri makes me happy! (credit: www.animegalleries.net)
Mata ne!

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