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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another week, another worry?

Not to really scare you with the title, but it's just this week had started out a  bit rough for me. I had gotten into an argument with my sister and we're not talking, disappointing but all this happen with good reason. 
ANYWAY, this week I had another Chemistry test, I swear every time I post the work Chemistry, test or lab appear.. meh that's school for ya. Anyway, physical chemistry is not something I can boast about, because as much as I understand, I never seem to get the Maths quite right, which is rather strange because I once was a Maths major and I did fine then. But maybe it's the wording of these questions, or perhaps that we just learn equations which we never use until a tutorial, which may never be done considering how long and time-consuming they are compared to the amount of work majoring in Chemistry gives. I so fail at physical chemistry calculations -_-. 
THIS WEEKEND IS GONNA BE THE BOMB THOUGH! To make up for all the discrepancies this week threw at me ^___^. As Rebecca Black puts it "Partyin' partyin' YEA!... Fun fun fun FUN!" Somehow he song is fitting into my life more and more every Friday hahaha. It's our college's Carnival this weekend, actually the whole month was dedicated to carnival, with the main events going on this week. Everything culminates this weekend with the ultimate party weekend. Friday is J'ouvert (paint and mud fete), Saturday afternoon is the carnival Jump up along the highway, the same night is the Carnival after party til the weeee hours of the morning and some people may also be having fetes on Sunday. (I'm not too sure) I'm going to party up til I have felt the stress of UWI dissipate, I absolutely cannot wait!

Updates on the weekend on MONDAY (if i'm able hahaha)

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