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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Complications of Infatuation

Hey everyone!! I had filmed a video about being too flirt and not flirty at all, and I finally decided to upload it because I didn't think it was good enough. Anyway, the video basically talks about persons who flirt too much and plays with the other person's feelings too much, versus a person who is more closed to their feelings and barely ever flirt (which I am one of). 

Playing with someone's feelings is not something to be proud of or do on purpose, because it hurts people deep down. Some girls in particular, purposely flirt and joke around with guys and when the guy is thinking he's getting somewhere closer to her heart, he's really miles a way. As many of my guy friends have been complaining, most girls just go "Oh, I was only playing", when the guy asks them a serious question. Seriously, this is just mean, it's like you saying you're dying and then bursting out laughing at my expression. IT HURTS, so girls and guys, if you're reading this, please try to be more considerate of the other. Be straight-up, let the other know that you just intend to have some fun and if you see it getting more serious than that, let them know, but don't just go ahead a play with people's hearts.
The result of playing around is usually someone who becomes just like them, flirty and hurt other people.. becoming a "Dog", a person who doesn't care about another's feelings. Or the opposite!

Which brings me to the next extreme, a person is very closed to their feelings. So most of the time, these people are considered cold(for lack of a better word) just because they don't always open up to their feelings. Really, being one like this, I always thought it was just easier to keep my feelings to myself, that way you can't get hurt. But really, it doesn't make any sense doing that, because if there's someone you like you find it near to impossible to tell them or even try to flirt. People like this usually find it hard to fully express their emotions, and cover them with a particular expression or activity, which is actually bad because then they miss out on so much, as the people they like by-pass them. What these people need, is a caring person to help them to open up, not just a flirty person to fool around with their heads, as it will make them even more closed.
I'm no expert, but in the experience, I've had, I find it is a bit better to be a bit more open although it is relatively hard, and I still can't fully express myself. 

I made this video to speak to these extremes of flirtation, the flirty and the cold. The best way to go is to be a bit of both, seek to stand in the common ground of flirting. Not too much and not too little, everything in moderation!

I hope this post helped someone and even if it didn't, it surely helped me to clear my mind on these thoughts. I hope to be a more open and inviting person. Thanks for reading! ^__^

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