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Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm not dead!

Hey all, took me a while to post after Carnival last week.. or was that 2 weeks now?.. hmm EITHER-WAY, I'm not dead, nor have I gotten my blog! 
Carnival was fantastic! I had a ton of fun, although sadly one of my friends couldn't make it to the after-party. But it'll be summer soon and we'll all get to go to all the amazing parties and may be have some of our own. ^__^ I just cannot wait for SUMMER! 
I was going to post a video of Carnival as well as a quick outfit of the day with my friend Ashley, however I have not had a chance to edit my videos, and have only uploaded 2 old ones, but not to worry, I am still filming when I can, and trying hard to find the time to edit my videos. 
I will be starting a new segment on my channel which I am going to be calling "The Jitter Box". This is where I'll have some random talks/rants and it's just supposed to be kind of spur of the moment, but I'll try to stay on the course of the topic. May be I will put in the bloopers at the end of each, I really like watching other people's bloopers, and may be my subscribers would like to watch mine as well.
So the two videos which I posted were the bloopers for the Mock Botsy ad.. which sadly we didn't win the contest, but compared to those who were runners up and the winner, we were in the shadows. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bubz for having such an AMAZING contest and congratulate the winner and runners up, I can see that just like ours a lot of thought and hard-work was put into the making of each video. To everyone else, I would also like to say that you did a great job and while watching the entries myself I was very impressed by some of the ideas of many of the commercials. It was overall a fun experience and we got to spend time with our friends to make these videos. (will add the link to the bloopers on the "Mock Botsy, the Fragrance" post)
The second video I uploaded was actually something that could be classified for The Jitter Box, as it was just a collection of thought on recent events (well actually not that recent now, but you get what I mean). I actually was not going to upload this video, but after some contemplation and friendly advice, I decided to. I will be writing a separate blog post on that topic. 

Well that's all for now, until the next post! Tweet Me!

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