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Saturday, April 30, 2011

OMGHHKP! Yum yum Candy for me!

I am suppppper excited! I cannot say it enough how much happy I am about this post. GUESS WHAT??

I got CANDY YUM YUM from the M.A.C. Quite Cute Collection! It's a beautiful neon pink lipstick, yes I did say NEON! I fell in love with this lipstick after Leesha (xSparkage) have reviewed and done swatches on them for both her blog and YouTube.
You can find the blog post here.

As the M.A.C. website describes it, Candy Yum Yum is a Matte Neon Pink lipstick. It retails for $14.50USD on the official M.A.C. website, however it is currently sold out. My sister actually bought it from a friend of hers for about $36.00BDS, who had a couple pieces from the collection.

I am very happy and impressed by the colour, it goes well with dark skitones as well as lighter ones (as seen on xSparkage). If you're looking for a more stand-out colour and you don't prefer red, this is definitely for you. It warms up to your skintone.

I was so excited when my sister brought it home that we tried it out before taking pictures hahah, such is life. The sad thing is however, is that I think the heat in Barbados is causing it to "sweat" so it has to be stored in a cool place, but that was just tonight. We'll see how much sweating it does.

So the moment you've been waiting for, the pictures and swatches! (Let me note, the lipstick is slightly less bright in colour than shown here when on the lips, it is possible that the flash could have affected the colour. It is still a very beautiful and striking colour.)

Hiding in the packing...
A gorgeous Neon PINK!

This is exactly what I said about the "sweating", it's really hot in Barbados!

Swatched on my hand
Using my sister as a lipstick model haha!
This is without lip liner or base.
There you have it, the lovely "Candy Yum Yum", just scrumptious! 


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