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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The JitterBox! Noisy Neighbours

Just yesterday I was trying to record a haul video for my beauty channel, outside was nice and quiet the entire day, I slept kinda late and when I woke up it was nice and serene. Then thinking this is PERFECT for me to record, I ready myself turn the computer on (because I was going to record from my webcam as it was just a haul), open YouTube, I'm about to click the upload/record button and suddenly this massive trunk comes through my neighbourhood to pump water from a neighbour's yard I think. At this point, I'm thinking "ok no big deal if the need to have that done, I'll wait or whatever". I wait 10-20 minutes and it finally leaves with all it's noise pollution, YAY!

I click the button to record now and I'm like 4 minutes into my video when these kids outside start screaming while playing in the street, ok I try to continue with the video. BUT to make matters worse, this moron on a motorcycle, decides he wants to add to the already high noise levels in Barbados, and practise his "cool" rider skills. He proceeds to circle my block then turn into my street every 5-10 seconds, after the first 10 times he does this, I just get fed up and stop the video. so this went on for about ... 10 minutes if so much, by that time the computer decided to freak out and I restarted.

30minutes later, I'm calm again and ready to film, computer running fine, lighting as good as it gets and YouTube open, I click the record button and AGAIN the dude on the motorcycle decides he's coming back for a second round! So I'm upset now, I has going to continue filming as a haull, but I had a better idea, I had the JitterBox to complain about things just like this! Now if you watch the video, which I will be posting at the end of this post, you will realise that you can hear this loud motorcycle in the video, and it's rather distracting if you ask me.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with motorcycles, or people riding them, I love the hum of a Harley Davison, BUT in Barbados, it is a known fact that guys usually take out the noise muting thing (let's not get technical here), that stops the bike from sounding like it has eating rotten eggs for breakfast. That is, they make the nice hum of the engine, turn into loud obnoxious noises which no one can stand, AND  they think it sounds fantastic! Now, they also do this to "hot" cars, and minibuses, but that is the topic of another discussion.

Most of these guys with "cool" bikes do not live in the areas which they torment and just past to show off (I am guessing, because it seems more like that to me.) To make matters worse, it was a public holiday, you're expecting people to be relaxing at home, or out at picnics or the most recent event, "Reggae on the Hill". But no, this idiot decides it's way to quiet to be evening and rides his noise maker up and down the neighbourhood.

Things happen in your neighbourhood that sometimes really disappoint you, especially if they're coming from people who don't live there. These noisy people are one of the pet peeves of my neighbourhood, I don't really mind the guys playing music outside or playing a game or two, but when these people come to your neighbourhood and are completely inconsiderate of your life, that is shameful.
There are people with babies and kids here, old people who could possibly have a heart attack from that kind of disturbance, people trying to record videos, and you are not considering them when you bring your noise to someone else's neighbourhood, as I'm sure you would not like this for yourself. Imagine you are sitting in your home watching television and someone next door or whatever starts making noise, it's annoying and you don't wish for it, so why put such a misfortune on others?

Think about that the next time you decide to fire up that old noisemaker.

WARNING: In this video I am definitely ranting, so sorry if what I'm saying doesn't always make sense. As you can also tell I was being greatly disturbed by that annoying bike.

P.S: I have to admit though, my family is not always the quietest either, we argue like any family, but not to the level to disturb others. Or at least I hope not.


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