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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make up Goodies Haul

Few weeks ago, my sister was going to a wedding and we decided to go to town and buy a foundation so she'd look extra special. My sister's skin is a bit bothersome, so she insists on products with little to no parabens, mineral oil and stuff, i.e. mineral make up.

I looked up this particular one that I had saw when I was shopping a day and checked the ingredients, so when we went out we'd know just what to look for. However knowing Barbados, when we got there very few shades were left, and the one which would have been her perfect shade was only available in the tester.... -___-. That was pretty disappointing because there were so many in lighter shades that had not sold, and like the month before there was a larger selection and even more products there. (Just a tip for any merchants selling cosmetics in Barbados, please bring a few more of the darker shades ^__^. )

Anyway, we went to another store, this time Cave Shepherd (a department store), where we found some Revlon and Almay (they to have a large selection of both of these for a department store, but there's also Clinique and Estee Lauder etc.) The only downside to shopping at Cave Shepherd is that the drugstore make up is pretty pricey because of duties and taxes. So unlike in a drugstore where the foundation was about $22BDS for Maybelline, a Revlon foundation was practically $40BDS (which is $20USD, crazy, I know!). But surprisingly, we were able to find a good foundation, free of all the bad stuff and get it duty-free, thanks to my sister's friend who was in the island, so it was $30BDS then, YAY! Still is kinda pricey, but very little difference compared to the price we found online. (I will be reviewing this)

We went back to the drugstore, Collin's and picked up the Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer, in their darkest shade, Latte. We were really lucky because it was the last concealer they had. I have heard that your concealer should be at least one or two shades lighter than your foundation, and this concealer definitely is. I am not sure if it would be good for people darker than us however, that is does come off somewhat light to me. (I will be reviewing this. UPDATE: my sister misplaced it on a trip :( So I won't be able to do the review.)

I also picked up a new moisturiser by Garnier Nutritioniste line called Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream, it has grape water extract and vitamin E. My old face moisturiser, the Olay Complete Daily Moisture Lotion with SPF 15, had no scent and was supposed to be non-comedogenic and hypoallegenic but, was too heavy for my skin and causing my pores to become blocked. I'm sure it would be good for other persons, but I would like to test out the moisture-retaining properties of the gel-cream. Hopefully it doesn't block my pores ^__^, fingers crossed! (I will be review this as well)

My nails have been in some terrible condition lately, and I wanted to start back pampering them, so I got a 2-sided nail file, as well as a 4-way buffer to shine and smooth my nails. I love the way how buffers work, it gives the appearance of a top coat when you're not even wearing nail polish! In this haul, I also mentioned this Color Club name polish in "He Loves Me", a cute name to go along with the cute baby pink colour of this polish. The only sad thing is that it was very sheer at first so I had to apply 2 to 3 thin coats to get my desired opacity. I think my nail polish very opaque, for someone else however I do think that 2 coats would be enough.

I also  talked about the M.A.C. Matte lipstick in "Candy Yum Yum" but I have already created a separate post to that which I will link.

Check out the video:

That's all for this post, lots more coming!!

PS: Sorry this is so late, I went to post this last week but then Blogger had maintenance and hadn't saved all I had written, quite the bummer. But I have remembered all I had wanted to say now so enjoy!


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