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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Green with Envy! The Green Smokey

Hey everone, I filmed this make up tutorial and would love for you to check it out when it finally uloads to YouTube! Here's a bit of a preview!

I woke up on Sunday with this idea in my head and I decided to try it out before I made a video on it. It actually came out pretty good considering it is green, not one of my favourite colours, but I really do think it looks beautiful here.

On Tuesday, I filmed the tutorial but my camera did something wonky and deleted the file from the computer, when I was adding importing another video (which you'll actually see quite soon). I wore Boots Botanics lipstick in Comfrey during the first video, however when I came to refilm on Wednesday, I could not find that lipstick, so I used a more red lip colour. For this look, I think a more subdued and natural lipcolour is better as it leaves room for the  eyes to be admired. So if you try this out I suggest a natural or nude colour.

I realised this look also looks a lot more smokey in real life than on camera, but it might be my camera settings, so I'll have to figure that out.

What I used for this look: 
  • Botanics Soothing and Calming Eye Base
  • Boots No. 7 Eye Mousse- Lilac
  • BH Cosmetics 88 Matte Palette
  • KleanColor Shimmery eye palette- moss green
  • Starry eye shadow palette- bright shimmery green
  • Black Kohl liner
  • Botanics Lash Defining Mascara- Black Brown
  • Avon automatic brow pencil- Tawny
  • e.l.f Radiance Blusher- Flushed
  • e.l.f. Luscious Liquid Lipstick- Ruby Slipper

Seriously my brows...

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