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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For Her with Love- Lippies

Hey everyone, I have not posted in such a long time! Well it's coming onto Christmas soon and my boyfriend suggested that a blog about gift ideas for your significant other. I should hopefully updating this with alternating segments for girls and guys. Do enjoy the first post ...Ladies first!

What girl doesn't love lip products? Even if it's just a simple lipbalm, we all do. It's one of the most perfect gifts a guy can get for his girl. The best part is, when she wears it, it feels like she's wearing it just for you. (Great deal you know?)
Gift I deas- Ladies love Lipsies

There all sorts of lip products out there on the market, lipgloss, lipstick, lip balm and lip stain. The list of brands and colours goes on forever. Ladies are not very complicated when it comes to lipcolour. It just depends on the personality of your girlfriend.
A more quiet and subdued person may prefer soft pinks and nudes, while an outgoing girl chooses bright pinks, reds and corals. Another way to tell what kind of lipcolour your girlfriend would like, is to pay attention to what she's wearing. If she sticks to plus, then that's your indicator to get her a similar lipcolour.

You've figured out what colour of lip product to get her, but what kind of ip product really make her jump for joy? The choice of lip balm,stain, stick or gloss now comes about.
Again depending on the personality of your girlfriend, this should be easy to figure out. You could also see what she wears and carries in her purse the most.

Here's a little info on each lip product for you:
Lip balm: Moisturises the lips and keep them soft.
Lipgloss: Adds a sheen to the lips and some offer a good colour pay-off.
Lip stain: Adds subtle colour to the lips without adding a sheen or moisturising the lips, though some come with lip balms.
Lipstick: Adds colour to lips, some moisturise and add a sheen, while others have a matte finish.

The choice is all yours guys, and if you still cannot choose.. buy all! hahahahahaha (joking though... really).

Hope this was helpful and please do leave your suggestion for gift ideas!


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