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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Like Fall, I'm back!

Hey all! I haven't posted in too long. I could say school had me very busy, but I also think I was at a stand still in my blogging creativity. You know that feeling when you have to write an essay and you cannot think about what to write about?

Essentially, I'm trying to say writter's block. I did get close enough to the computer to perhaps blog something, but there was nothing I felt to blog about. Maybe my brain was too exhausted with all of this work that I'm see everyday. The poor life of a student. MEH.

Anyway, I've been trying to keep up with my work and I've made a video or two (just editing that takes a while and you cant exactly do that at school). I've also been trying my hardest to keep up-to -date with my subscriptions because then I have lists like 200 videos long. That's a lot of hours watching videos.

I find that I can mix my work with pleasure sometimes, and while I'm at school busily working, I tune into some YouTube goodness. I find it easier to watch YouTube videos than to watch a TV show which sometimes draws on my full attention. Not saying that I don't play attention to the videos I'm watching, but honestly, it's easier listening. I absolutely love my YouTube Subscriptions :)!

That was my little update on my unannounced hiatus. Posts should be returning soon, I have struck some inspiration thanks to a special someone, and hopefully work doesn't get too much in the way now. The semester's winding down and although I still have assignments and some tests.. then exams UGH...
I need to get onto this blog and talk to you guys. I feel so bad about not blogging regularly, but I try will not overwhelm you with posts, I promise! We all have work to do haha. SoI'm out for now!

Please enjoy your weekend!


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