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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review-a-Day: e.l.f. Essentials Soothing Lip Balm

Taken from eyeslipsface
Hey all! Today I'll be continuing with my Review-a-Day series. I hope you've been enjoying it, it's the weekend stretch, just two more posts after this and it'll also be school descending upon me. I still hope I have the time to blog and get inspired to make more series like this. So today's product is going to be the  e.l.f Essentials Soothing lip balm, once known as the Therapeutic Conditioning lip balm. I think they changed the name because they had another product with a quite similar name.
Worth the buy? let's find out...

This little lip balm really surprised me. The packaging is very simple, it is a lip balm of course, and despite the twist part being a bit faulty, the formula made up for what the simple packaging lacked.

I choose to get this lip balm in Vanilla creme so I could avoid the fruity scents which I had lots of before and was a bit tired of. Vanilla creme is an off-white to cream colour and it must be noted that it will leave a white cast if it is not rubbed in properly. It takes a while to absorb after applying, so i simply use a clean finger to help it sink into my lips faster.

This balm is very moisturising, it feels smooth like butter on your lips.I love how well it keeps my lips from chapping. It also lasts on the lips very long and seldomly needs reapplying unless you have eaten or completely wiped it off.

The little tube actually holds quite a lot of product. My first one I had been using on and off during the summer then I used it solely during school until December. Had i not misplaced my cover, I would still have that same exact one. Oh yes, that's something, when this lip balm is left uncovered is melts away to nothing in a jiffy. So always replace your cap.

There's not as taste to this lip balm which is a good change from what I had been using previously. Flavours can be a bit annoying at times, I'd rather stick to flavoured lipgloss. The scent is not strong and is actually pleasant, makes me want to try the other scents available.

Although some people may find this weird, the balm sometimes brings up the dead cells on the lips and to me it's just an indicator of the need to exfoliate, which is also easily done using this lip balm and a tissue. Then it's back to smooth lips!

-Very moisturising
-Handful of Scents
-Long-lasting formula
-Good for exfoliation
-Good for soothing chapped lips or preventing them
-A little goes a long way
-Tube has a lot of product

-Takes a while to absorb and leaves a white cast on lips (for vanilla creme)

The Raw Sugar:
I really admire this little tube of lip balm, it has surprised me and been an aid to my once forever chapped lips. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, females and even males.

Where you can find it:
Barbados: I heard there's an e.l.f. store here
USA: www.eyeslipsface.com, Target

Disclaimer: This product review was not sponsored, I purchased this with my own money. This is my HONEST opinion on this product.


  1. Something I would not mind trying. I actually need to invest in a good lip balm.

  2. I have the blackberry one and it had the exact same effect on me-super soothing and moisturising and a lot better than vaseline! The fruity smell is slightly overpowering but I got used to it and it does leave a purple film on the lips, which I quite liked!
    I'll have to try vanilla next! :)


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