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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review-a-Day: e.l.f Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Taken from eyeslipsface
Today I'll be reviewing the e.l.f. Waterproof eyeliner pen. I have it in 2 colours, black and teal. These are from the e.l.f Essential line and are really affordable, but do you get what you pay for? Onto the review!

Firstly, the cover of this pen is very hard to remove. I know it might be this "airtight" to stop the product from drying out, but come on, could this be any more difficult to open. Sometimes I have to resort to using my teeth as you will see in the video. Not very lady-like when it comes to your cosmetics, or sanitary either.

Despite the tightly fitting cap, this eyeliner has dried out on me way too fast.This is my esecond black one and it feels like there's nothing left in the tube when I only got it around August or September. My first Waterproof eyeliner pen lasted an entire year.

I do not wear liquid liner that often and hence I had waited for the first one to dry completely up first before opening this second one. Even though I've done that, this one seems to be a bit more of a fail for me. It had started off nice and wet, but over 3 uses the liner got more and more dry with every use. I'd have to shake it excessively until a whole bunch of the ink came to the felt tip (with the cap closed of course), then when I opened it, it'd make a mess all over my hands.

Also on the package for this, it says to store it downwards so it doesnt dry out as fast, and I've done that from the time I've gotten each, but this black one really just wouldn't work properly. I feel like I've wasted so much of the product from spilling it in the cover and my hands.

The felt tip is ok, but it's not the best. It starts off like the formula, nice and perfect and it impresses you, then over time it just fades away. Some how all of my tips ended up fraying out after like... 3 uses. not a fun at all.

The formula is really fluid and glides on very easily on the first few uses and dries from the tip really fast so I advise covering it as soon as you are finished. It takes about 5-7 seconds to dry without transferral, but I would say 10-15 seconds to completely dry where it does not smudge easily. f u rub your eye after it has dried, it will smudge somewhat, it depends on the vigour.

As you'll see in the pictures, sometimes it applied nice and dark (after much shaking), and other strokes are very faint, actually looking like brown or charcoal.

It does not stay put on my lower lashline or the outer corners of my eyes despite piling it one when I try to wing it. Maybe I need to layer it or something, but I have other eyeliners which have stayed way longer on the corners of my eyes.

Another thing about this pen. It's somewhat difficult to apply over eyeshadow, especially if the formula is drying out. Sometimes it also tugs on my lids and makes it harder to apply the product without having to pull my eyelid taut.

Waterproof? I would barely say so. I tried a couple ways to show you how waterproof it was. First, I applied it to my hand, let it dry a minute, then used my ring finger to wipe it off. Not too much pressure, but it was already slipping and sliding. So I don't understand how this could even pass the waterproof test.

Then I sprayed my hand with water and used a tissue to wipe across my hand, again not much pressure but some came right off leaving stains of their presence, other lines smudged, some started to make the water turn colours. Then i decided to draw another line and try again to be sure it wasn't a fluke. I allowed it to dry completely, sprayed the water, then I pat it dry. Finally I swiped my ring finger across it and there was a lot less smudging as you may see in the pictures.

So I guess it's waterproof to some extent, depends on how you treat it.

Removal is very easy with eyemake up remover, just sometimes you may get a bit of staining if you dont wash your face afterwards. That could be a real hassle especially if you're just cleaning up a mistake.

-Very affordable
-Lots of colours
-Good for a taste of liquid liner (beginners like me)
-Can go on very pigments for first uses
-Somewhat waterproof
-Lasts all day on the top lid
-Easy to remove, though it leaves a stain

-Difficult to open!
-Dries out very fast (meaning you have to buy more.. meh)
-Felt tip loses pointiness quickly
-Ok formula
-Tugs on lids
-Inconsistent product (sometimes you get a good one, sometimes it applies well, sometimes you get a bad one)

The Raw Sugar:
I really liked the first one I got better, some how the quality was way nicer than this second black one. The teal is a nice colour and hasn't dried out as much as this new black one. Despite all I've said I still like the product although it's not something I would look forward to wearing everyday. I'm actually looking into different liquid liners now that I'm getting better at applying it. But this one has been nice practice for some one like me who is not good with straight lines. BTW any suggestions for new liquid liners are great appreciated! ^__^

Where you can find it:
Barbados: I heard there's an e.l.f. store here selling some but I haven't gotten there as yet. My sister also had a couple to sell in a few colours I think (if you'd like details email me chrisamoryt@gmail.com). There were also a number of people on Facebook who were selling e.l.f products, I'm not sure if they had this eyeliner though
USA: www.eyeslipsface.com, Target

Disclaimer: This product review was not sponsored, I purchased this with my own money. This is my HONEST opinion on this product.

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