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Monday, July 30, 2012

Just a Thought.

So I decided to not post this Sunday, I wasn't feeling so great. Just lounged around the house and watched the Olympics with my family. Anyway, I had a few thoughts on my mind. Not related to beauty in anyway, but just some thing I've been pondering.

You're at a fast food restaurant with a couple of friends, some you know well, others are acquaintances. One of these persons' friends shouts them across the restaurant and it is clear that this person is going to be a nuisance. They come over to the table, boisterous as ever, even though they were polite enough to say good evening to everyone at the table. You mind you business and continue to eat. The person makes conversation for his friend and another person at the table, then decides put himself out of the way by calling on you to make conversation.

Maybe I'm not social, or just did not want to be in that moment, but something about this situation unsettled my stomach and from the time this person called to me (BTW I do not know this person), I went "oh gosh", in my head. The person then decides to make the corniest attempt at a compliment and the whole table bursts out laughing, while I'm just annoyed as hell at what's just happened.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? An uninvited guest comes to your table to greet a friend they know, yet insists on making conversation with you? Does it annoy you? What if they're loud or obnoxious? Maybe I'm just being anti-social, but I have learnt to know my place in a situation rather than being a nuisance. Tell me what you think.


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