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Sunday, September 26, 2010

First post! YAY!

Hiiii, I'm the Sour JellyBean, new to blogging, but I hope to share some of my experiences with others.

About me:

I'm female, 18  years old and I live in the beautiful island of BARBADOS!!  (wow this is really sounding robotic :| ..ah well ). I lovvvve Asian dramas and can be kind sarcastic lol. I recently watched Gourmet and Autumn's Concerto.. they were awesome!! I may do a review on them later.

My Hopes for this blog:
So I may just be using this blog to talk about dramas, TV shows, fashion, make-up, photography, techie stuff haha... maybe I'll just go off in a rant, but stay tuned, I'll try to keep posting about new things every week or more than that :). Comment whenever you'd like about whatever you'd like and I'm open to any suggestions for the content of this blog and appreciate feedback and clarification when necessary.

Here's a picture of a bit of Barbados' beauty. Photo credit: Sour JellyBean
South-East Point of the Island (St. Philip)
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