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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Blackberry Empathy...

I wasnt sure what to vlog on first, until my friend showed me this new blackberry... I thought it was very.. um.. odd. It's really very different from the regular blackberry in many ways. The look, the interface, the features.
To me it actually looks like a rock, something from Smallville perhaps (great show btw lol). But by the looks of this phone I'm surprised it doesn't have some sort of eerie glow to it, like kryptonite.

It's also touch screen and get this.. there's a keyboard (mind you a very weird pebbly keyboard), at the BACK!.. you saw that right.. at the back of the phone or front... hmm who really knows which side is which.
To make matters worse, the phone has this mood feature where the user wears a mood ring which tells his current and previous mood.. go figure a mood ring!

There's many other features and because I'm not the most tech savvy person, I'll leave you the link to the site where I got my info as well as my vlog rant on it.

They do want your empathy...CLICK!
Vlog Rant! .. this is one of my first videos so do excuse me ^_^

I'M back and now on youtube!!

Hi everyone, I recently started vlogging!! woot! So i'm on Youtube now.. I actually think it's easier to film and talk than type.. hahah laziness, anyway i will be posting pics here of the looks and videos I make as well as any other random stuff I don't happen to make an actual video about.
I really hope i can keep it up!
thanks for the support, lots of love!
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