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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another week, another worry?

Not to really scare you with the title, but it's just this week had started out a  bit rough for me. I had gotten into an argument with my sister and we're not talking, disappointing but all this happen with good reason. 
ANYWAY, this week I had another Chemistry test, I swear every time I post the work Chemistry, test or lab appear.. meh that's school for ya. Anyway, physical chemistry is not something I can boast about, because as much as I understand, I never seem to get the Maths quite right, which is rather strange because I once was a Maths major and I did fine then. But maybe it's the wording of these questions, or perhaps that we just learn equations which we never use until a tutorial, which may never be done considering how long and time-consuming they are compared to the amount of work majoring in Chemistry gives. I so fail at physical chemistry calculations -_-. 
THIS WEEKEND IS GONNA BE THE BOMB THOUGH! To make up for all the discrepancies this week threw at me ^___^. As Rebecca Black puts it "Partyin' partyin' YEA!... Fun fun fun FUN!" Somehow he song is fitting into my life more and more every Friday hahaha. It's our college's Carnival this weekend, actually the whole month was dedicated to carnival, with the main events going on this week. Everything culminates this weekend with the ultimate party weekend. Friday is J'ouvert (paint and mud fete), Saturday afternoon is the carnival Jump up along the highway, the same night is the Carnival after party til the weeee hours of the morning and some people may also be having fetes on Sunday. (I'm not too sure) I'm going to party up til I have felt the stress of UWI dissipate, I absolutely cannot wait!

Updates on the weekend on MONDAY (if i'm able hahaha)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Poor poor JAPAN

Hey guys, if you haven't heard about this somewhere already, you must be living under a rock. A week ago, the northeastern coast of Japan was shook by a massive earthquake (8.9 on the Richter), which was then followed by a series of tsunamis up to 33ft. The exact date of this tragedy was Friday, 11th March 2011, which left 18 000 dead and missing, while about 450 000 are now homeless. This day will forever be remembered in the hearts and minds of the Japanese people and the world over.
Trying to recover will not be easy for the Japanese and currently there is the threat of a nuclear emergency, as the tsunamis wrecked the diesel-powered generators which cool the nuclear fuel. A number of explosions have already leaked radiation into the atmosphere of Fukushima, and evacuations have been ordered for people living in the surrounding areas. 
For a country with such advanced infrastructure, it is a heart-breaking situation as the people of Japan suffer from a lack of proper telecommunications and common ammendities such as water, food and fuel which are running lower each day. The economic impact of this disaster will be huge and it is estimated that Japan will need tens of billions of dollars to build and restabilise their economy. Even more saddening, the death toll is set to rise, as more people are discovered each day and the conditions are not aiding in the timely rescue of many.

I first heard about this tragedy on YouTube and there was a channel dedicated to footage of the earthquakes and the tsunamis (which I can't remember). But, if you Google search you will find a number of videos, articles and accounts of the events of 11th March and follow up stories as well as news footage.

Watch the News story as it happened.
Follow up here on BBC.
Shaking Before & After Pictures. 

DONATE TO THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN via the American Red Cross, they need our help!

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

Hey guys, it's Friday I'm so excited... the weekend is here finally~ ^_^. I recently found out about this girl called Rebecca Black, one of the new hot topics of twitter, the internet and the world I guess. My friend told me about the song and I decided to take a listen. It was.. uh, pretty lame, but so lame I couldn't help to find it funny, and strangely the lyrics are stuck inside of my head. I do believe that Rebecca Black could sing really well if only they hadn't auto-tuned her and given her such a horrid song to sing, so I'm looking forward too more from her. Hopefully she learns from the first song, although it is getting a lot of publicity, that she needs to come better and show her true talent.
 Take a listen of her song here:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mock Botsy !

Hey everyone, another week has began and so far it's not looking too bad, I'm just hoping to not get a giant pile up of work by next week. How's your week going? 
My friends, LeyaHollingsworth and amorpuppy1 (Angel of Love) on YouTube, decided to enter this commercial contest that Bubz from bubzbeauty was having, and we made an advertisement for a perfume called "Mock Botsy". In Barbados, the butt/ behind/ arse as some people call it, is referred to as a BOTSY, and if something is mock, it simply means that it isn't real. SO basically Mock botsy translates to fake butt. 
The point of the commercial was to have some fun with this fairly new trend of "butt undies" where the behind is padded, much like a padded bra. But, our product was more than that, it was a perfume which had "butt-enhancing" properties. Everything was just for fun, not meant to offend anyone who does wear butt undies or tries to enhance their behind, because we aren't that voluptuous ourselves and understand how it feels to want more from your body.

Here's the video of the Explanation as well as the commercial, the bloopers are also to come ^_^. WARNING: In the 2nd video, the audio quality near the end (~1:15) is a bit poor, as the camera did not pick up as much audio as anticipated, so keep your speakers low until that point. 

UPDATE: Blooper Reel!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tweet Tweet!

Hey guys, I finally joined Twitter!! After agessss of contemplating it, so I hope who ever is out there reading this follows we, that would probably be fun. 
 YES, it is 3:35 a.m. but I really couldnt sleep and there a ton of music playing outside (like down the street) that isn't helping it either. I had a really great week, went home early like 3 days in a row and rested and still had time for work. I also was able to finish my Chemistry lab for Friday evening so yay!! New week labs start again and I actually have a lab test, so wish me luck, I really want to know these rocks and minerals like the back of my hand!

Well, have a great week and here's the link to my twitter as well as a quick haul video I did Friday evening. In the video I'm wearing blue eyeliner, black mascara and a bit of dark pink lip gloss, very simple and pretty. I  really liked that look :)

Tweet me!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Relaxing is IN!

So just another update, on this week I finally had enough time to watch TV! OMG unbelieveable right?  

On Sunday I caught up a bit on Gossip Girl.. oh how I have missed that show! (any gossip girl fans out there?) Season 4 is looking quite promising so far, maybe this once Serena wont just fall for anyone winking at her... Who are I really kidding lolol. And Blair.. what is up with her and Dan, I mean it's kind of obvious but really.. Blair and Dan...I can see it, but I don't think I completely agree with it. (absolute CHAIR fan!) Lily is so ... I cannot even find the words to describe her. She always wants to clean up messes but why for someone so nice does it always backfire on her? Oh wait, I know, because she has a bad habit of been too secretive and sometimes lying! Would the teenagers on this show learn for once that scheming or blackmailing only makes matters worse, especially if you don't know the full extent of the situation. But then again, that wouldn't make it Gossip Girl anymore lol. I love the show, but sometimes I really want to hit sense into the characters who never seem to learn from their mistakes *cough* Serena *cough*. But, that's the topic of another post!
Old GG pic, but look Jenny looks HUMAN!

I know this is again really late, butttt I finally watched the season finale of season 1 of Glee and it was AMAZING! Of course, they should have won and by some Hollywood miracle I was expecting it, but I think it was a better ending that they didn't win as it seemed more realistic, although in the end they are winners and even got their room back thanks to Sue! Quinn had her baby! Yay! But whyyy oh why did she give it up, I understand being in school and not being totally ready, but how can you give up your own flesh and blood, it's not as simple as giving up a pair of shoes you like and even that is hard. But now she wont be able to hold her baby or talk to her or anything :( It's pretty sad. On the bright side however, the baby (Beth) is going to Rachel's mom (whose name I am yet to remember lol), so maybe she'll have a great home where Quinn could visit her if the circumstances allow. You know what else was great about this episode, the "L bomb" was dropped 3 times! Finn and Rachel, Schuester and Emma, and finally Puck and Quinn (how cool is that!) You know what else would be cool (not to annoy anyone out there reading this), but if Mercedes and Kurt could somehow be together, despite him being gay. They are like the perfect match! The episode when Mercedes song "I Bust the Windows out your car" by Jasmine Sullivan was one of my all time favourites. Poor Mercedes didn't realise Kurt was gay, and was trying to show that she liked him, it would have been great if he had liked her back and not liked Finn.
I'm a GLEEK!
So another thing I was catching up on was my Korean drama for the time-being, "I'm Sorry, I love you" also known as "Mianhada, Saranghada". It is one of the saddest and most dramatic dramas I have ever watched and I am absolutely hooked. I don't like how sometimes the characters seem so schizophrenic with their emotions though, it can be a bit annoying, but I understand why. (e.g. hiding emotions from someone you like for a very good reason)It's definitely work a watch though especially with SO Ji Sub playing CHA Moo Huyk and IM Su Jung as SONG Eun Chae. I will not be saying much more on this drama until the end, but you can watch it as well or read about it here.

Mianhada, Saranghada

Read About it
Watch it here You can also check it out on YouTube.
I'll be leaving you with this number from Miss Amber Riley...Enjoy your week!

Stress is easing :)

Hey everyone, another post (yay I remembered!) I really must treat my blog better lol. Well continuing from Sunday's post with my hectic week, this week is actually proving to be quite the improvement but, I don't want to speak too soon to jinx it.

I had my biochemistry test which I did have time to study for, but I made the terrible mistake of misreading one of the instruction and it cost me a couple of marks. Sigh knowing the lecturers at my school, it was practically impossible for them to understand where I was coming from that morning. (Note to self: NEVER EVER AGAIN in a million years take cold medicine or any other pills for that matter 1. so early in the morning or 2. before a big test! You will regret it!) I felt like I must have been delusional for seeing this particular thing for every time I looked at the paper. But I digress as there is really nothing I can do, besides show them that I am smarter and do well elsewhere.

My Chemistry practical today went fairly well, but it's usually the proceeding write up which scares me most, hopefully it will not be so bad this week, actually I started early and will hopefully finish on time or even BEFORE time this week.

No Biochemistry practicals this week, HALLELUJAH! I'll definitely be spending that time working on my Chemistry write-up, studying for Earth Science and making sure I'm up-to-date with the physical chemistry tutorials.

Hope is on the horizon this week, and if I keep pushing I surely wont end up in the dilemma  of last week. So, how is your week going? Stressful? Breezy? Tell me your experiences and how you handle stressful weeks of work or school.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 longest days of my life! (NB: really long post)

Hey guys, I haven't updated lately, but here I finally am. Sure a rough week I had, Organic Chemistry test, Earth Science test, Biochemistry lab to write up and then a Chemistry lab to write up as well. and every thing just decided it was gonna happen around Thursday and Friday.. how unfortunate. Oh yea, I also had a Caribbean Civilisation test on Saturday and a Biochemistry assignment for Monday, which was supposed to be put online since 2 weeks ago :(. What a week!  (REALLY LONG POST)

So I tried my hardest to revise for the Chemistry from Monday, because that weekend I had a an overdue Chemistry lab which i handed in the Monday.(physical chemistry can be soooo hard and time consuming!) I didn't finish studying for the Chemistry test until Thursday morning, like 3am.. wowzers.. very late, but I had slept earlier (thanks to my dad, I had a nice supply of coffee while i studied, but not too much hehehe). The unfortunate thing about pulling that "all-nighter" if you want to call it that, was that the next day I had a class at 8 am! Sigh.. so I woke up like a zombie the next morning but I survived until 9 am when this ridiculous headache came out of no where. Again I will say THANK GOD FOR COFFEE, because it really did save me from that headache. 
As my Biochemistry class continues, the lecturer mentions something that we have to do for her lab which is today... gee how helpful of you to tell me this now. Luckily I had looked at the lab during my down-time from Chemistry studying and was able to complete the task. (Thank you GOD)
After Biochemistry, I had a couple free periods, so I completely my Biochem lab lucky and still had some time for lunch as well as a quick Chemistry refresher. I could not have asked for better time management :). Finally it was time for the Chemistry test, and I tried to stay calm and collected, however I think near to the end I freaked out a bit. Not one of my best tests, but I will definitely make up for it elsewhere and with better time management as well. (scolds self).

After the Chemistry test, I practically had to run across campus to my locker and then the Biochemistry lab which I had next. I arrived just in time and the lab went relatively smoothly (thank God again!), we even finished with time to spare. So I looked for a quiet place and started on my Chemistry lab write up to be handed in on Friday. Then I had to quit that and run off to my weekly Earth Science test. Now the thing about weekly tests is that you love and hate them. On one hand if you do badly one week you can make up for it another week, but then again if like me you have a ton of things to do that week, it's a bit inconvenient to study for that especially if it's on topics form the last class. But I digress, the test went well and again I had time to do a bit more work before leaving school. 
Sadly, instead of going to sleep and waking back up, I was so exhausted that I slept through the entire night and didn't wake up until 7 or 8 am the next morning. It was a well deserved rest in my opinion, however I do think I should have at least done some work on my Chemistry lab. First on Friday, I went to visit my cat at the vet (he's sick :( ) then for once, I didn't miss my Friday class. My body has a habit of thinking the class is at another time and sleeps in, or does work on a lab before leaving home, and then I am late by my fault or the shuttle to school... which is really unfortunate.

I spent Friday (after class) working on my Chemistry lab, which sadly because time is learning even better how to fly, I hadn't completed in time. So I carried it home to finish during the weekend).On my way home Friday evening, my dad surprised me with a trip for ice cream! Just the reward I needed for such a harsh week. Again when I got home, I went straight to sleep, then I woke up late (12 am) to study a bit for Caribbean Civilisation. I actually think that bit of study helped  along with some reading I did for pleasure (old novel I'm finally reading haha). Saturday came and the test went a lot better than expected, both or my pens wrote out during and I had to resort to my 3rd pen which was not even the same colour, but a test is a test and once you write something you'll get marks lol. ( I had actually started to study for Carib Civ on Wednesday after my Chemistry lab but there was such a run around at the library, I just went home. 

Saturday was a both good and bad day, I went shopping for a couple essentials, which I may do a haul video for.  Also there was the launch of "Reb'l Fleur" in Barbados (finally, I think we should have had it first!). That was fun and a bit confusing, people where singing Rihanna songs and there were giveaways. Sadly I didn't have my camera so I couldn't shoot any videos or take any pictures. The cold my body was fighting off for the past week, finally set in, and it was harsh. My voice was almost gone from Friday and then on Saturday it was here and there. Anyway, after town I went home to relax a bit (read my novel again) and then decides to work on the Biochemistry assignment, because if I started back on the Chemistry lab there would be no end to Chemistry lol. Thank God for sending me Ashley to help me through my work freak-out I had thinking about the work to do, thanks Ash!) By 12 am, I was almost finished and had time for a bit of recreation (YouTube and Facebook!)
This morning, I woke up aching all over, and didn't go to church :(. I went back to sleep until about 3 pm or so, feeling a lot better, but still with no voice. I finished my Chemistry lab write up and was thinking about doing some Biochemistry (I found some books online, for all you students like me who can't always buy books, Google Books is a life-saver!) And now, here I am, just updating you about my really rough week.. or 3 days...what ever you want to call it. 

How was your week? As rough as mine? Lighter? Hope you enjoy this coming week, I 'll try to keep you posted about mine! Here's something to keep you going! 
Onigiri makes me happy! (credit: www.animegalleries.net)
Mata ne!
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