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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mock Botsy !

Hey everyone, another week has began and so far it's not looking too bad, I'm just hoping to not get a giant pile up of work by next week. How's your week going? 
My friends, LeyaHollingsworth and amorpuppy1 (Angel of Love) on YouTube, decided to enter this commercial contest that Bubz from bubzbeauty was having, and we made an advertisement for a perfume called "Mock Botsy". In Barbados, the butt/ behind/ arse as some people call it, is referred to as a BOTSY, and if something is mock, it simply means that it isn't real. SO basically Mock botsy translates to fake butt. 
The point of the commercial was to have some fun with this fairly new trend of "butt undies" where the behind is padded, much like a padded bra. But, our product was more than that, it was a perfume which had "butt-enhancing" properties. Everything was just for fun, not meant to offend anyone who does wear butt undies or tries to enhance their behind, because we aren't that voluptuous ourselves and understand how it feels to want more from your body.

Here's the video of the Explanation as well as the commercial, the bloopers are also to come ^_^. WARNING: In the 2nd video, the audio quality near the end (~1:15) is a bit poor, as the camera did not pick up as much audio as anticipated, so keep your speakers low until that point. 

UPDATE: Blooper Reel!

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