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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reply to Messages/Events on Facebook?

So, some friends of mine have this really bad habit of NEVER EVER EVER replying to either messages, event pages or both on their Facebook. I would like to know if it's just me, but isn't Facebook supposed to be a SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE?  SOOOO, why is it so hard for people to stay connected to you? It's not like it's just me they're avoiding messages from, but I have experienced other instances where people set up event pages (which is time-consuming and takes work), send out messages and people either never RSVP to the event in the first place or reply to  the messages sent out by the organiser.

It's not like we're asking you to pay a fee to reply, or to give us your kidney, but CLICK the reply button! It's so easy! C'est tres facile! Then the worse part is that you don't have anymore info for that person besides their Facebook, which the messages they don't reply to. All you want is to see that person at your event or whatever, be it a beach outing or something bigger like a party. 
The worse part is, you see them commenting on pictures and posting status updates and videos whatever the case is, and to a simple message they never reply. You have to practically hunt them down for a reply.
There are some people who simply can't always access their Facebook for various reasons and you accept that, but if the person you have messaged a minute ago starts posting a bunch of statuses and commenting on photos, videos whatever like a minute after you sent the message. WHY CAN'T THEY TAKE THE FEW SECONDS TO REPLY! It's so very frustrating especially when you're the organiser, because you're always guess what's going to happen on the day of the event.

You know what else is funny, the same week the event is supposed to take place or a few days before, these same people that you have been sending messages to for weeks, come asking you the most dumb questions! And you're there thinking to yourself, should you just give them a piece of you mind or what.

ANYWAY, that is enough ranting, I hope that this sends off a little light bulb in some people's minds and they try to RSVP or REPLY to Facebook. It would be greatly appreciated!
Here's my Jitter Box video regarding this same topic.

Hope you are all having a good weekend, I'm trying to relax and I have all the pending assignments at the back of my mind so I don't forget and have a big freak out hahaha.


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