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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crop Over in Barbados!

Hey all! This is a post on Crop Over. A bit late considering the big events are going to be taking place all this weekend, but I really wanted to write this post to give you a bit of insight into Crop Over, The Sweetest Summer Festival!
Crop Over is a month long festival celebrated from 1st July until 1st or 2nd of August. Traditionally a harvest festival, Crop Over dates back to the colonial period when Barbados’ main industry was  Sugar cane production.  At the end of the sugar season, there was always a huge celebration to mark the end of another successful sugar cane harvest, hence the name Crop Over. The festival featured singing and dancing and other traditions included climbing a greased pole, feasting and drinking competitions.

As the sugar industry in Barbados declined, Crop Over also lost its splendour and by the 1940's, the festival was terminated completely. However, Crop Over was revived in 1974 and other elements of Barbadian culture were infused to make the extravaganza that exists today.  A festival that now attracts thousands of people from across the globe and is the main event of any Bajan calendar. Crop Over- The Sweetest Summer Festival!
The festival begins with the Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes. The final sugarcane crops are blessed and a special Gala accompanies this event, where the Crop Over season is officially deemed open. Local performances by singers, musicians and dancers are showcased at this event. Queen’s Park where it usually takes place, is also prepared for local vendors to show off and retail their craft.
Some of the notable events are:
·         Pan Pun De Sand
·          Pan in the City
·          Junior Calypso Monarch
·         Kiddies Kadooment
·         Folk Heritage Concert
·         Gospel Concert
·          Sweet Soca Monarch and Party Monarch (collectively known as Soca Royale)
·         Pic-o-de-Crop Finals
·         Cohobblopot
·         Bridgetown Market
·         Foreday Morning Jam
·         Grand Kadooment
Grand Kadooment is the biggest, most colourful street party in Barbados and signals the end of the Crop Over season until the next year.

Photo is courtesy of http://www.carnaval2010.org/.

A day of unbridled merriment played out in costumes depicting the fantasies of the world. The ‘jump’ is the final activity of a season that makes Crop Over, The Sweetest Summer Festival!

For more Information you can read more on these websites:

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