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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nitty Gritty on Maintaining Nice Nails

Hey all! Reacently I haven't done any nail posts because I have given my nails a bit of a break from nail polish and buffing them shiny. Sometimes buffing nails too often causes them to wear down and be very thin and fragile. Although the effect of shiny smooth nails is nice, it is also very damaging. Sometimes when I am going to paint my nails, I maytexure them with a file to give the nail polish a good surface to adhere to. (I actually learnt that from someone who did nails a long time ago.) But the problem with this is that similar to buffing your nails, it thins the nail to a frail, thin state.

Photo Courtesy of nail-classes.com

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Turquatic Aquatic Tutorial!

Hey all! This weeks has taken a much better turn since last post, I'm so pleased! Anyway, I was requested to do  a blue and green look by LeyaHollingsworth and Amorpuppy1 and I also happened to stumble across the Turquatic fragrance M.A.C. Cosmetics had recently released. I love the packaging of it, but as far as reviews have shown, the scent is not as pretty as the bottle. See more about M.A.C.'s turquatic here on Temptalia! or more here!

So on Saturday I played with my new Coastal Scents eyeshadows (swatches here) and I came up with a cut-crease eye look which I really liked.
Luckily enough for you, I am going to be doing sneak previews here on my blog! So here we go! WHen the video finally loads I will be posting it here as well. ENJOY!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Solemn Word on Provocation

Hey all, this weekend was not very good for me and the week has started out on a fairly dull note as well, but I would like to halt it before it continues, so I am going to write this post in hopes of clearing these thoughts off my mind and hopefully this also helps someone else out there because this is something that frustrates me so much.
Monday and this whole weekend in general, I had a bad attitude. Yes. I know and I am genuinely sorry if you happened to cross my path and I was not very pleasant. There's no need for excuses as such and I'd rather speak a bit on how people provoke you to anger and expect you never to crack.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coastal Scents ROUND UP!

Hey all! Here's a round up of the Coastal Scents Hot pot swatches! One things is for sure, these are great quality for the money, especially for newbies like myself.

The palette can get a bit messy after a few uses, but that can be cleaned. Also, you have to becareful when putting these in and taking them out because if you drop them they're very likely to break. Even dropping the palette can break them although the palette is very sturdy. I happened to drop my palette right after I was finished (such a klutz) and it broke to of them, but I was able to fix them back with alcohol  afterwards, so that was good.

If you have a problem with broken eyeshadows and you don't know how to fix them i could do a video on it to help you out. Just post a comment on this post for that.

For Purples and Greens----> click here!
For Neutrals and Brights----> click here!

Disclaimer: These products were bought with my money. Opinions are my own.

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Swatches- Purples & Greens!

Hey all! Recently Coastal Scents had some sales, and I picked out some cool eyeshadow pots, also known as hot pots by CS. You choose 12 and you get the free palette, or you could just buy them separate. Either way I choose 15 colours. Here's a comprehensive view of them all. BTW, these are highly pigmented. I did not even use a base or primer. For some colours I also did not bother to take photos with flash because it was very true to colour. I am going to do this in 2 posts.

 Let the FUN begin!

They came packaged like this and in a zip-lock bag:
Some of my pots dropped while they were in the packaging, so if you see any with scratched or odd looking surfaces that's why.

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Swatches- Neutrals & Brights!

Hey all! Recently Coastal Scents had some sales, and I picked out some cool eyeshadow pots, also known as hot pots by CS. I choose 15 colours, in the first post there are the first 8, purples and greens. I'll be continuing with neutrals and bright colours in this post. 
If you did not see the first post check it out here!

BTW, these are highly pigmented. I did not even use a base or primer. For some colours I also did not bother to take photos with flash because it was very true to colour.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rihanna gets LOUD in Barbados!!

Hey all! I had the opportunity to attend the LOUD in Barbados Concert and I definitely enjoyed myself!
Before I left I tried to film a bit of an OOTD because the way the time was running, the Sun would have set when we had reached Kensington Oval, and then I might not have been able to film. That being said, you would think that taking pictures of my outfit would have been an obvious thing too. But no, silly me forgot to take pictures ahaha. Eitherway there's the video and I still have the dress and accessories, so I might just take a picture of me in them at some point and post.

Oh yes, for those wondering about my outfit, the dress and earrings were from the Cinnamon Store in Barbados, and I did my make up using the BH cosmetics 88 matte palette and a single Botanics eyeshadow. If you'd like to see a tutorial on the look, just post it in a comment :). My mom and I did my hair.. tried something we'd never done before.. putting on braids, I think it came off pretty well ^__^!

One pic I took while waiting for my sis

 What I wore:
  • Blue Ruffled One shoulder Dres- Cinnamon Store (Barbados)
  • Black Patent Leather Bow Pumps- Nine West
  • Dangly Leaves and Chains earrings- Cinnamon Store (Barbados)
  • Silver strappy sandles (extra shoes haha always a good idea for standing concerts)- Super Styles Shoe Shop
  •  Black patent leather purse- XOXO

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Blog Logo!

Hey all! After lots of hardwork and searching the internet for ideas and resources, I have finally made a blog logo!
Please give me so feedback on it so I can change or improve it. ANy suggestions for the blog content are also greatly appreciated! Thanks lovelies!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Shop Coffee Prince! ~Asian Candy~

Hey all! This is the first in hopefully many monthly posts of your ~Asian Candy~! This name is not meant to offend in any way. Asian Drama of the Month is a bit much to type and sounds laughable when abbreviated, if you see what I mean. (ADOTM??)

Every month I will be posting a drama or movie suggestion, usually one I have watched before or I am currently watching. I will try not to include too many spoilers until the end of the month or the next ~Asian Candy~ post where I will elaborate a bit on the previous month's drama. Hopefully, you like this kind of thing and will watch along with me, what ever the case is, your feedback is definitely valued.
These posts will usually include links from www.mysoju.com and information from http://wiki.d-addicts.com/

Onto this month's Drama!

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Monday, August 8, 2011

Crop Over Winners!

Hey all!
Here’s the follow up post on Crop Over, with as much information as I could find on the winners for most of the competitions.

As I mentioned in my Crop Over video, there are many contests which go on during Crop Over such as the Pic-o- De Crop calypso competition. This year, David “Popsicle” Hall from the House of Soca won the contest with the two calypsos ‘Pick a Fair’ and ‘Aint Selling Cornwell’ beating out the previous monarch and veteran Gabby.

Just like the adults, the children also get their chance to take part in the calypso arena and annually, the Junior Calypso Monarch is held. This year in the 8-12yrs category, Carrie-Lynn “Carrie G” Grazette sang ‘Sing My Song’ to beat out the competition by a mere 6 points. While in the 13- 18 age category, Samantha “Sammi G” Greaves won with ‘Protect Yahself’ a song targeted towards AIDS awareness.

The "Blackman Look" Blooper Reel!!

Hey all! Here is the awaited blooper reel from The Blackman Look.

It's actually not as horrible as he thought and is only about a minute long so yay! I think he did a good job on the make up, he kept asking me the entire time.  But he did well without much direction.. except for the blush hahah, you'll see what I mean hahah.

Btw this video is exclusive to my blog so you shouldn't see it on my channel. Should I do more posts with videos exclusive to my blog?


Also here is the video from the Blackman Look.


Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hey all! I painted my nails extra sparkly this Friday because I was going to ... the Rihanna LOUD in Barbados Concert! Let me just tell you this, the haters must have been converted by the end of the show, because she was awesome, amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, fabulous, and really showed her talent and love of music last night. I was thoroughly impressed and especially glad to be there, even if I was not in VIP or VVIP. I felt specially and touched by her performance, she really brought home the best. I am truly proud to be a bajan and one of her fans, especially after last night!

Anyway more on the show later, on to the nails!

NEW Posts coming soon!

Hey all! I have a backlog of posts and videos coming up. It's been a great week, so expect a lot.

The next post will be a NOTW.

The "Blackman look" make up tutorial will have the bloopers posted on here because it is actually a pretty short video, so if you want to see that, follow this blog!  ^_^

Following the bloopers, there will be a post on Crop Over in general, to continue the previous post.

I went to the Rihanna Loud in Barbados concert yesterday and I will definitely be doing a post on it. One sad thing that I forgot was to actually take a full body picture of my outfit hahahaha. BUT! I did do an outfit of the day and hopefully it came out better than the first two times I had filmed it lol.

So stay tuned and have a happy healthy weekend!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My first Favourites! JULY!

Hey all! Here is my first favourites video, tell me if you'd like me to do more of these kinds of videos or if I should not because the products aren't that interesting. That would be really helpful. :)

So here goes!

Products Mentioned:
  • Garnier Nutrioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream
  • Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse Make up- 090
  • Maybelline MineralPower Concealer- Latte (Dark 0-3)
  • e.l.f. Natural Radiance Blusher- Glow
  • e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner pen- Black (not shown)
  • Klean Color lipstick- Grape
  • NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss- Pink Sparkle
  • e.l.f. Nail Varnish- Mint Cream, Dark Navy, Black
Garnier Moisturiser Review: http://bit.ly/n6VciM
CONTEST! http://bit.ly/pMhLom
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