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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Swatches- Neutrals & Brights!

Hey all! Recently Coastal Scents had some sales, and I picked out some cool eyeshadow pots, also known as hot pots by CS. I choose 15 colours, in the first post there are the first 8, purples and greens. I'll be continuing with neutrals and bright colours in this post. 
If you did not see the first post check it out here!

BTW, these are highly pigmented. I did not even use a base or primer. For some colours I also did not bother to take photos with flash because it was very true to colour.

Blue & Yellow: I really needed a bright yellow and this one looked perfect. I also decided to pick up this blue, it was one of the warmer shades of blue they had. I wish I had also picked up a lighter blue too.. but next time.

S23- midnight blue with shimmer
CM02- matte sunshine yellow (beautiful! taking a picture of it without flash did not show the beauty of this colour)

Neutrals: I already had a number of neutral shades, but these ones were nice and you can't always go around in clown colours LOL! Without flash these look very similar, but unto closer inspection you can see they have different undertones.

S39- neutral tea rose colour (very shimmery)
S36- golden brown with shimmer (yellow undertones)

Brights: And of course the bright colours! I absolutely love these and they are all matte or slightly satin and very pretty.

CM04- vibrant, matte yellow-based orange
CM05- true matte red
M18-  bright rose pink, slightly satin finish

That's it! I'll have a round up post right after this. Have a great day!


Disclaimer: These products were bought with my money. Opinions are my own

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