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Monday, August 8, 2011

Crop Over Winners!

Hey all!
Here’s the follow up post on Crop Over, with as much information as I could find on the winners for most of the competitions.

As I mentioned in my Crop Over video, there are many contests which go on during Crop Over such as the Pic-o- De Crop calypso competition. This year, David “Popsicle” Hall from the House of Soca won the contest with the two calypsos ‘Pick a Fair’ and ‘Aint Selling Cornwell’ beating out the previous monarch and veteran Gabby.

Just like the adults, the children also get their chance to take part in the calypso arena and annually, the Junior Calypso Monarch is held. This year in the 8-12yrs category, Carrie-Lynn “Carrie G” Grazette sang ‘Sing My Song’ to beat out the competition by a mere 6 points. While in the 13- 18 age category, Samantha “Sammi G” Greaves won with ‘Protect Yahself’ a song targeted towards AIDS awareness.

A fairly new concept of a old competition, Soca Royale showcases the best soca offerings for the season.
The Sweet Soca competition presents the more slow-paced dance and “chipping” songs, and is one of the newest additions to the Crop over calendar. This year, “Red Plastic Bag” (RPB) won this contest with the song ‘Once Upon A Wine’, edging out another crowd favourite, “Biggie Irie” who sang ‘Cyaan Be Over’, for the crown.

While the Party Monarch, the older event of the two, is an anticipated well-attended event for many Bajans. The song ‘Pavement Anticipation’ carried away the top spot this year with an amazing performance from “Mikey”, who fully utilised the ambiance set this year for the Party Monarch competition. He used pyrotechnics as well as colourful bright costumes which had the both the crowd and the announcers amazed by the creativity. Of course, I have to give special mention to my favourite “Lil Rick” who actually placed 2nd with the song “Crazy People”, and considering it’s that song and not his other songs from this year, I understand why he wasn’t placed first. I mean I like the song  but, he has better songs in my opinion.

Finally, Tune of de crop, also known as Road March, this song is choosen by the end of Kadooment day on the criteria of the number of times played for the day, at the judging points. I think this part of the competition is definitely rigged. I don’t even remember hearing this song from where I was standing, I heard RPB’s ‘Once upon a Wine” more often than this actually, and was expecting that to win but I digress.  The winner of this year’s Road March was Edwin Yearwood with the song ‘Cova De Road’.  He was followed by “Rupee” with ‘I Am A Bajan’ and finally “Mr.Dale” with ‘Wow’.
Now again I wonder why Lil Rick or RPB are not in those placements and I find it odd, because I am sure I heard ‘Once Upon A Wine’ numerous times for that day. Maybe one year the NCF will get really smart and use spies all throughout the route to hear the music from start to finish and hear everything the people ask for, and not just what the DJs feel like playing at the judging points.

So that is it for this final Crop Over post. I hope you enjoyed the bit of footage I got and that you enjoyed yourself if you went to any of the events. If you didn’t you should come next year, you have no idea the fun you’re missing!

You can read on more by clicking the links below!
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Until next post...

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