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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hey all! I painted my nails extra sparkly this Friday because I was going to ... the Rihanna LOUD in Barbados Concert! Let me just tell you this, the haters must have been converted by the end of the show, because she was awesome, amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, fabulous, and really showed her talent and love of music last night. I was thoroughly impressed and especially glad to be there, even if I was not in VIP or VVIP. I felt specially and touched by her performance, she really brought home the best. I am truly proud to be a bajan and one of her fans, especially after last night!

Anyway more on the show later, on to the nails!

I used Ruby Kisses "Purple Fever" as the base colour for my nails, except for my bling fingers, but I'll get to that. It is a gorgeous warm mauve colour. Then I used "Silver Star" by KleanColor as a top coat. This took a while to dry, but because of the chunks of glitter, especially the cute littles stars I encouraged myself to wait for it to dry. Remember with this glitter polish if you do buy it to use thin coats and build up the glitz. The first time I used it over a week manicure, I was hasty and it smudged every where because I was putting on too much. (trying to get the glitter out hahah).

For the bling finger, I used glitter, yes, pure glitter, not glitter polish. My sister had some irridescent glitter left over from Kadooment, and I had the grand idea of using it straight. So I used a clear polish as a base, then sprinkled the glitter over it and waited for the polish to dry, then I repeated the process until I got the desired amount of glitter on my nails. Finally, I sealed it off with a top coat. Nothing fancy, any will do.

If you would like to see a post of a video on the glitter nails, please comment below, or you can suggest colours or ideas for my next NOTW. Leesha's definitely right about taking shots of glitter, it's so hard to see the beauty of it.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


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