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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rihanna gets LOUD in Barbados!!

Hey all! I had the opportunity to attend the LOUD in Barbados Concert and I definitely enjoyed myself!
Before I left I tried to film a bit of an OOTD because the way the time was running, the Sun would have set when we had reached Kensington Oval, and then I might not have been able to film. That being said, you would think that taking pictures of my outfit would have been an obvious thing too. But no, silly me forgot to take pictures ahaha. Eitherway there's the video and I still have the dress and accessories, so I might just take a picture of me in them at some point and post.

Oh yes, for those wondering about my outfit, the dress and earrings were from the Cinnamon Store in Barbados, and I did my make up using the BH cosmetics 88 matte palette and a single Botanics eyeshadow. If you'd like to see a tutorial on the look, just post it in a comment :). My mom and I did my hair.. tried something we'd never done before.. putting on braids, I think it came off pretty well ^__^!

One pic I took while waiting for my sis

 What I wore:
  • Blue Ruffled One shoulder Dres- Cinnamon Store (Barbados)
  • Black Patent Leather Bow Pumps- Nine West
  • Dangly Leaves and Chains earrings- Cinnamon Store (Barbados)
  • Silver strappy sandles (extra shoes haha always a good idea for standing concerts)- Super Styles Shoe Shop
  •  Black patent leather purse- XOXO

ONTO the show! We got to the Oval and the line was long! I thought I'd be there for another half  hour but strangely enough, the line was moving super speedy and we got onto the grounds in about 10 minutes. Amazing huh? We had general grounds tickets and were expecting the whole of the field to be swarmed full of people, but after passing the 3Ws stand, we realised that it was just people crowding the doors. How odd, like they didn't want to see the show haha.

I found my friends, Marvin, Blackman (Ryken102), and Renelde who had already set a great spot to view the show from. It's amazing how some people were dressed up and many were dressed down too, I was actually expecting everyone to be dressed up. But so many people were just wearing comfy town clothes, at times I felt a bit out of place. I still loved my outfit though, better dressed up than underdressed  hahaha.

The show started off with CoverDrive, and to tell the truth I was not really sure who they were, nor did I think their performance was that fascinating, but that might just be me because I was anticpating Rihanna's performance. During their performance the rain also fell and I couldn't see the entire performance so that might have been something to do with it, but I held my yellow Rihanna umbrella and swayed to their music anyway. It was an okay start.

Next up was a DJ, who up to now I have not figured out his name, he started off well but eventually you could see his inexperience with mixing for a Bajan crowd. One minute it was a hype soca song and then suddenly Bob Marley is playing. Don't get me wrong, I love the music he played but the way he put them together threw me off a bit. He also did some "scratchiing" which was kind of cool, but that's not really my thing. I know other people enjoyed it and applauded him for it though and I admit, he was good at what he was doing.
I think the DJ was the opener for JCole, again another artist I did not know. He rapped for sometime, I don't remember much of it, because rap really isn't my kind of music, but I'm sure if you ask my friend Ashley she'd be able to tell you hahahahah.

After his set was this HUGE gap, where we kept getting tricked that Rihanna was to come on. It turns out that was an "intermission". Well it would have been more useful if they had actually told the crowd it was intermission because everytime the lights went out we all grew excited. Eventually the crowd decided to entertain themselves with a couple rounds of Mexican waves. Personally I was surprised that the crowd for this show was so patient. I thought of chanting "Rihanna" until she finally hurried out. During intermission I also got to meet up with Ashley who was in the stands.

Now here's the thing about this show I really didnt understand. If the stage is that far back, how do the people in the stands see anything. When I realised they gave them binoculars! HAHAHAH! Totally hilarious. Not only did they set up screens on the stage 3/4 the size of the ones orginally in the Oval, but they set up the stage to the very back wall, which left this gigantic gap between the general grounds and the stands. Like there was Not one soul standing in between there.
ADVICE for the next big international show in Kensington Oval... put the stage OVER the pitch. I wish I had taken a picture to show you how ridiculously far back the stage was, but that wasn't in my mind at the time.

While we had just finished talking to Ashley, the lights went out and some dramtic music started to play. You knew what that meant... the main event. Blackman and I had to sprint back to our spot, hoping we hadn't missed too much. And we made it in time!
My Sis and I snapped a pic during one of Rihanna's outfit changes
Rihanna started off with "Only Girl In The World", one of my favourites. At first she sounded a bit rough but as time went on, she warmed up to the crowd and the whole atmosphere. I could only imagine how nervous she was! I loved when she sang "California King Bed" and "Hate that I Love You", especially with the Bajan guitar! Speaking of guitarists, the lead guitarist on her tour is AMAZING!! I was taken away by his skill, and everytime Marvin and I heard him about to play we kept thinking "Rockstar 101" was next hahahaha, had us on our toes for that song.

The whole time she was performing, I couldn't help thinking, "Oh my gosh this is sooo amazing, I'm here at a Rihanna concert!... Rihanna is from here, used to go to the same school, this is the same girl from Combermere who has gotten soo far and has changed so much from her first album." I can tell you now, the entire performance I was in shock and awe, feeling extremely patriotic to my little rock in the the Atlantic Ocean. I sang along with every song (that I knew, I think only 2 I didn't know), and danced like my life depended on it. (hence the shaking in some of the videos, other times my sister held the camera, so thank you!!).  By the time she was to the third song I had forgotten we had waited so long and that my feet were hurting even.Without any thought I can say that I enjoyed every bit of her performance! It was awesome and I never wanted it to end.

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  1. Wow, I would love to see Rihanna in concert. I'm sure it was fun X


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