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Saturday, September 10, 2011

100 Days with Mr. Arrogant ~Asian Candy~

Hey all! How many of you are enjoying school so far? *chirp chrip* I admit it, I'm not either. But what a better way to lift your spirits about school than with a bit of ~Asian Candy~ MMMMmmm! This month, I 'll be keeping it light with a Korean movie (because we all have homework, or lab write-ups or.. something really lame we should be doing for class).

Let's get down to it!

100 Days with Mr. Arrogant

Type: Comedy, Romance
Country: South Korea
Ha-Young played by Ha Ji-Won, had been dumped by her boyfriend just before their 100 day anniversary. She accidentally kicks a can that hits a college guy named Hyung-Joon in the face, causing him to scratch his Lexus and he demands that she pay him $3000 on the spot.

Luckily, she escapes from him but leaves her wallet behind. Hyung-Joon stalks her, demanding money to pay for his car. Since she is a poor high school student Hyung-Joon writes up a "Enslavement Agreement" for Ha-Young in order to pay for the damage to his car and she is thrown into a nightmarish slave life for 100 days, cleaning his house, running his errands, doing his homework and cleaning his car.

By accident, she finds out that the damage to Hyung-Joon's car only costs $10! She then takes her revenge however, before she knows it Hyung-Joon shows up at her house as her new tutor.....dum Dum DUMMM!

My Opinion:
I was to watch this over so I could remember what I thought of it, because this one is actually kind of fuzzy in my memory.  But I will watch it over and update this!


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