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Monday, September 12, 2011

Candy Sprinkled Fall NOTW

Hey all! It's been a while since my last NOTW, this week I wanted a darker colour, but still wanted it to be fun. Last week I had actually tried colour- blocking my nails and I had received a ton a nice compliments. (Thank you btw). I think I may redo that nail design later this month, because I did like it a lot and it was actually really easy.

For Fall, metallics, plums, jewel-tones, glitters and warm tones are in. The closest I have to plums at least is e.l.f. Nail polish in "Royal Purple", which in fact is very similar to Ruby Kisses "Purple Fever". However, the e.l.f is much more opaque. 
Although I wanted a more fall look, here in Barbados it still is Summer (well then again, it's practically Summer all year-round hahah), I added some fun multicoloured glitter polish (Wet N Wild "469-Hallucinate") and finished of with a protecting clear top coat! The glitter makes me think of cupcakes hehehe.

Voila, quick and easy, but fun nails.

I actually find that since I've been painting my nails I feel a bit more motivated during classes. Maybe it's the colours. Or maybe it's the fact that I am thinking about what I should paint them the next week. hahaha. Hopefully I can keep up with painting or at least caring my nails every week for this semester. That definitely would be and accomplishment for me!

What colours are you rocking for this week? Or even for fall? What are your current favourite nail trends?


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