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Thursday, November 24, 2011

To Him With Love- Accessories

Hey everyone! Another post on what to get you guy during this Holiday season. If you haven't seen the previous posts on what to get your guy, click here! Looking for something for your lady, clickity ici!

This post is a bit more generalised because it speaks about accessories, and truthfully accessories is a very broad category. I'm going to try to break it down into music, gaming, cases and .. for lack of a better name, others. hahaha.
Gift Ideas- Acessories (Male)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To Her With Love- Purses

Hey everyone! I'm back with another post on holiday gift ideas for the gals! In case you missed the last post on guys gift ideas, click here! And if you missed the very first post on what to get your girl, clickity lippy!

What's the one thing you almost never see a lady without? It's of course her purse, handbag, what ever you'd like to call it. Girls love to have that sturdy bag to hold everything but the kitchen sink. Whether it's a tote, a clutch, hobo or a satchet, in the right colour and style, any girl's bound to love a bag.

Gift Ideas- Ladies love Purses

Sunday, November 20, 2011

For Him With Love- Gadgets

Hey all! In case you missed the first gift idea for the ladies, just click here!

Here's the next installment on Gift ideas for the upcoming Holiday season.
What guy doesn't love some sort of technology? Whether it's cameras, game consoles, cell phones or computers, your guy is bound to like at least one of these things. Depending on what he likes or needs, it should be really easy to choose a gift for him.

Gift Ideas- Gadgets

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Independence in Barbados- Symbols & National Emblems

Hey all! It's a very special month for residents of Barbados. November is the month of independence! In this post, I will be describing the national embellems, while in another post I will speak about the delicacies consumed and festivals which occur during Independence.

Around 1961, Barbados had been granted internal autonomy, thus making the attainment full independence from Britain was an easier task, and on the rainy night of 30th November 1966, Barbados was granted constitutional freedom from Great Britain, our Mother country, thanks to Mr. Errol Walton Barrow.

The British Queen acts as the Head of State, represented in the island by the Governor General, however the real power lies in the hands of the Prime Minister and his Parliamentary Government.

In 1966, a national competition was held in order to select a flag, pledge and national anthem for the soon independent Barbados. From this competition, we emerged with our beloved aquamarine (blue), gold and black flag and a host of proud Barbadian embellems.

The National Flag of Barbados:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For Her with Love- Lippies

Hey everyone, I have not posted in such a long time! Well it's coming onto Christmas soon and my boyfriend suggested that a blog about gift ideas for your significant other. I should hopefully updating this with alternating segments for girls and guys. Do enjoy the first post ...Ladies first!

What girl doesn't love lip products? Even if it's just a simple lipbalm, we all do. It's one of the most perfect gifts a guy can get for his girl. The best part is, when she wears it, it feels like she's wearing it just for you. (Great deal you know?)
Gift I deas- Ladies love Lipsies

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday BABE!!!

This is a special post to someone who has been hinting to me to write about them, or mention them in posts and videos. Many of you may not have realised because I have only been subtly placing hints about this person in my videos and even a few posts.

This person's been keeping me sane (or insane as they like to say), pushing me on from the shadows, inspiring me daily, making me happy when I'm freaking out (dreaded school work), keeping me smiling with their absolute silliness. Always being enteraining. They've even been trying to expland my music knowledge into Rap.. like come on.. what's wrong with liking Pop?  :P haha.

He's been waiting for me after classes just so we get to spend our special time to talk about our day and things bothering us. He's been trying to replace my bestest friends, Ash and Shanele, which I will be reminding him that he hasn't, so ha!

OY, this is getting so sappy...but I'll go on.

This guy has been looking out for me, taking care of me, making sure I'm always ontop of my studies, even through some crazy late nights.. where I tend to fall asleep hahahah. Mind you, I was used to taking care of myself, with the help of my family and my closest friends, but it's really been very refreshing with this person.

This person is my boyfriend and I can definitely say that I'm extremely happy that he's in my life now, it has been a really fun time with you here, and I don't regret it for a second. The perfect timing :)

Dancing in empty carparks, playing mobile phone golf, cheesy romantic lines, ....My spotlight stealer.

TYRELL, you finally have an entire post on my blog and it's for your birthday ^__^.  SO now you can't charge me for using your "fame" in this one hahahaha.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Like Fall, I'm back!

Hey all! I haven't posted in too long. I could say school had me very busy, but I also think I was at a stand still in my blogging creativity. You know that feeling when you have to write an essay and you cannot think about what to write about?

Essentially, I'm trying to say writter's block. I did get close enough to the computer to perhaps blog something, but there was nothing I felt to blog about. Maybe my brain was too exhausted with all of this work that I'm see everyday. The poor life of a student. MEH.

Anyway, I've been trying to keep up with my work and I've made a video or two (just editing that takes a while and you cant exactly do that at school). I've also been trying my hardest to keep up-to -date with my subscriptions because then I have lists like 200 videos long. That's a lot of hours watching videos.

I find that I can mix my work with pleasure sometimes, and while I'm at school busily working, I tune into some YouTube goodness. I find it easier to watch YouTube videos than to watch a TV show which sometimes draws on my full attention. Not saying that I don't play attention to the videos I'm watching, but honestly, it's easier listening. I absolutely love my YouTube Subscriptions :)!

That was my little update on my unannounced hiatus. Posts should be returning soon, I have struck some inspiration thanks to a special someone, and hopefully work doesn't get too much in the way now. The semester's winding down and although I still have assignments and some tests.. then exams UGH...
I need to get onto this blog and talk to you guys. I feel so bad about not blogging regularly, but I try will not overwhelm you with posts, I promise! We all have work to do haha. SoI'm out for now!

Please enjoy your weekend!

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