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Thursday, November 24, 2011

To Him With Love- Accessories

Hey everyone! Another post on what to get you guy during this Holiday season. If you haven't seen the previous posts on what to get your guy, click here! Looking for something for your lady, clickity ici!

This post is a bit more generalised because it speaks about accessories, and truthfully accessories is a very broad category. I'm going to try to break it down into music, gaming, cases and .. for lack of a better name, others. hahaha.
Gift Ideas- Acessories (Male)

Ladies like accessories which are shiny and new and pretty to tote around, who said boys didn't either? Most guys seem to have a fascination with gadgets as I mentioned in this post. What better way to enhance the performance or even personalize your favourite gadget than with your own accessories?  Headphones are the perfect way to enhance your listening experience and now with all the cool designs on the market, you can stand out with some really cool earwear. If your guy has an mp3 player or iPhone, a great gift would be an iHome where he could listen to his music while charging his device and also use it as a alarmclock.

Our gadgets are our investments, so why not protect them from the elements, if you realise your guy's phone is being subjected to some harshtreatment then you can look into getting him a case. Not only is it affordable, but it'll save him a lot of damage in the long run. The same goes for any case really, laptop cases or bags, for tablet users protective covers or screen protectors work magic and keep your gadgets like new.

What is cooler than having the "best" game console? Having people to play it with! The restraint of most of these systems is that they come with like 2 controllers, and that's not always fun when your guy is hosting a games night or something such. What's better is an extra controller, so why not get your boyfriend one? (he'd love you foreverrr hahaha, but really.. it's a good idea). Plus you could use it as your excuse to spend time bonding with your boyfriend while you both play and you may even end up beating him at his own game.

Random accessories...

Nice pens are nice to remember people by in my opinion because every time you pick it up to write, your boyfriend would think, my thoughtful girlfriend bought this pen for me. ^__^ Wallets, though a typical gift are also very thoughtful and useful. For the utility man who is always fixing something or encountering a situation, I think Swiss Army knivesw are the best gift. It has so many uses and is the perfect accessory, especially when added to keys.

I wasn't sure if to put bags under cases or not, but I'll still mention it, it's a very useful gift especially if the quality is good, because your guy can lug around all the things he needs in it.

Hopefully this post wasn't too long and you did gain some knowledge on good guy "accessories". Until next post!


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