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Monday, December 12, 2011

To Him With Love- Entertainment

Hey all! Time to find the perfect gift for your guy! Why not ENTERTAIN him? Take you mind out of the gutter... I'm talking about new video games, his favourite movie, that kind of thing! (Again I'll be keeping this nice and brief.. hahah brief) 
Gift Ideas- Entertainment

So your guy already has the "perfect" game consoler, but he's always playing the same thing. For one of his favourite games is bringing out a new version that he's been raving about from the time he read the article online. Why not get him it, he might love you forever LOL!

Now I don't know much about games actually, havent played any action games in quite some time, I doubt I would be anyway, unless it's Smash brothers, does that count? Anyway, I did some research and it showed the games I have pictured are very popular. I know just dance has been pretty popular because a lot of YouTubers have been submitting their videos to the contest that was going on. That looks like a fun bonding game. As always, Call of Duty (COD), which I personally dont see the fascination with it, it's boring (yes crazy comments now), but it is really beating some sales.

I'll tell you this, keep your ear to the wall when your guys and his buds are talking about games, you just might find out what he's been lusting.

On the other hand, your guy isn't really into games, but loves a good movie.Yes girls our definition of a good movie may not apply, but that's why some of us like guys, because they're differenent from us.

So put in the necessary research and you should be ble to come up with his favourite move, or a music he was coveting on dvd or bluray. Who knows, you could watch it together and bond :). The possibiltieis are endless!

Happy Holidays! (and Good Luck in Exams for those still doing them!


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