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Friday, December 2, 2011

What I'm lusting: Beauty Holiday Wishlist!

Hey all! I haven't wrote a post focussing on actual beauty recently or myself for that matter. I've tried to keep off of the crazy school work rants, which I'm sure you're thanking me for. School has been hectic to say the least, and everything is finally winding down nicely with exams on the way. Of course there's a bit of stress for exams, but I'm trying to stay calm (we all know that can be pretty hard!).

In this post I'm going to be completely lustly and a tad selfish, hahaha I've warned you. I present to you my wishlist for Christmas.

Honesty, I'm pretty much always looking at beauty related stuff and liking some new thing or the other, but I always forget or don't see the need to actually keep a physical list. Some of these things have been on my mind, and seeing that I'm in the blogging mood, why not share a few with you all. You can also comment on what you've been lusting after for the Holidays or just in general. It's always interesting to see what others like.

Disclaimer: None of the images are my own of course, I'd probably have my own images if these things were mine hahah. (Used Polyvore for the collages)

M.A.C. Paint Pots- Rubenesque & Painterly

My Hoilday Wishlist

I've been really liking these for a long time, I think the concept is really nice (seeing they have been around for a very long time and so many people seem to love them anyway). You get a primer with a wash of colour, and you can even wear it on it's own. I'd really like to try out Rubenesque and Painterly when I can get a chance to. Those seem like very good basic colours. Painterly basically conceals and gives a clean slate for eyeshadow application, while Rubenesque is a gorgeous pinky bronze frost which could be worn everyday on it's own.
 See Swatches here!

M.A.C. Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick

My Holiday Wishlist

When this came out in 2010 I was sooo excited. At that point in my life I was completely OBSESSED with Lady Gaga! I'm still a Monster, but now I think I've diversified a bit. I totally loved this lipstick and the matching lipglass, it was the cutest shade of pink I'd seen. I heard a lot of people saw that it is dupable, but the whole reason behind ti makes me want to get it. The Viva Glam campaign by M.A.C. is actually a charity fund for HIV/AIDS in Africa. I actually remember seeing magazine ads for the campaign long before this lipstick had come out and I thought it was a great incentive to donate.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Taken from HERE!

Just like the M.A.C. Paint pots, I love that these are like primers with colour. these come in so many colours and are said to be very creamy and long-lasting. I'm sure not as wearproof as a paint pot, but it's definitely more affordable.

Sigma Brush set (Make me up Collection- Make me Crazy)
I've looked at this set from December of 2010, I've actually blogged about it too.I'm always entering Sigma giveaways because I want to try out Sigma so badly. It's really find of sad and obsessive hahahaha. It kinda saddened me when Sigma was having their annual Black Friday free INTERNATIONAL shipping and I couldn't get it. But such is life. I can dream and one day I'll get these pretty purple brushes. (Another thing, I'm sure the price of this went up by $10 recently, what a shame!) 
(Photo courtesy of Sigma Beauty)
Benefit Cosmetics
Just a couple things I've also been liking from Benefeit cosmetics, that have been full of buzz for the longest while. Benetint, High Beam and their Boxed Blushesl. I particularly like these three shades, Coralista, Bella Bamba and Hoola which are very pretty, not to mention their cute packaging.
Benefit Cosmetics

e.l.f. Blushes & Bronzers

I'm only now starting out on blush and bronzers, and I actually like the e.l.f. ones I have. I like that they're so affordable and there are a few basic colours, corals, pinks and mauves. On of my favourites is a coral one I have called Glow. It's nice, sort of a highlight because it's shimmery, but still adds a flush of colour. I always wanted to try a bronzer, but nothing too shimmery or expensive, I even checked out some reviews and heard the e.l.f ones were good. They even have a contour and blush duo that a dupe for NARS's best selling Orgasm blush and Laguna Bronzer. I'm not completely sold on them being exact dupes of them, but it does look like they would make for a nice blush/bronzer duo.


e.l.f Blushes & Bronzers

Stila Goodies
I do not know why, but one day I stumbled across Stila's website (probably thanks to Pursebuzz0, and I've been hooked to the site ever since. From the convertible colour blushes, to the multi-use holiday palettes, especially those with the summer themes which came with the fun face make up. One particular part of this site sparked my interest, the "Last Call" section, which has products that are being discontinued in particular shades or completely. and they're sold really affordably. Added to that, the sales and deals that they have always intrigue me. (darn target marketing and good advertising!). Right now they're having their Warehouse sale and everything's like %0% off... siiigh!


Urban Decay
Unlike most persons into beauty, I'm not lusting the Urban Decay NAKED or NAKED2 palette. I think that's kind of a boring palette if you ask me. Sure some neutrals are nice, but what's the fun in that?
What I'd really like is to try out their ever popular primer potions, and get my hands on their beautiful 15th anniversary palette. The packaging on that was beautiful as were the colours! I also thing the Rollergirl palette is really nice for everyday. It's not as extensive on neutrals as the NAKED palette, but for some one simple like me it has basically everything and a pop of colour.

Urban Decay

Lip Products
As I think back I've always liked lip products, lip balm and gloss more so than lipstick, but now the tables have turned. I still love lip balm, definitely die hard fan of it, but I have a new found love of lipstick. In basically ANY COLOUR. The best finish to me is cream though because you can play around with it a lot more than a frost or pearl. Add a gloss to make it shiny, a glittery or shimmery gloss to make it more fun or you can make it completely matte by blotting it. 

Lip Products

Honestly I love eyeshadows, all the different colours and textures. I might not wear them very often, but I do love them. I think the best way to get plenty of diversity and still have affordability is to buy the 88- 120 colour palettes like those from Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics etc. You can also get blush palettes, concealer, foundation and even lip palettes. Once you've found a good quality one, you can go wrong because they're so mych variety in them.


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