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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review-a-Day: e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner

Taken from eyeslipsface
Today I'll be reviewing the e.l.f. nStudio Cream eyeliner. During 2010 and 2011, gel or cream liners became really popular and many make up brands started making then, from the drugstore brands up to the higher end cosmetic companies. The e.l.f Studio cream liner is just one of the many created but is it a good or bad one? Onto the review!

I had this eyeliner from January 2011 and it has given me a lot of use finally drying up this January. I've heard a lot of people talking about how fast their gel or cream liners get hard before they even have the chance to use it all up.So I think that's amazing for such an affordable product.

The packaging is very cute and the cap seals very tightly, but no way as tight as the e.l.f eyeliner pen which I reviewed yesterday. I think that's what really kept the product from drying out too fast. I really like the packaging. The cap is still easy to remove and the plastic jar is very sturdy.

The formula was also very pigmented. I had gotten Midnight which is a navy blue, because I really am not a fan of black eyeliner. It was nice and creamy and loaded well unto a brush. The formula is a thick cream which does not require much drying time and does not transfer onto the eyelid.

my now dried up liner..

Despite not stating if the formula was waterproof or not, during my use of the product I realised it did not wipe off when it came into contact with water, like the eyeliner pen had.This was great for everyday wear and lasted the entire day on any part of my eye, be it the lower or upper lashliner or even the outer corners. I cannot say how impressed I was by this eyeliner.

excuse the sun here, it decided to be a bit of a hassle

So in the package with this eyeliner you also get this tiny brush. I mean e.l.f was probably thinking it's a good idea for starters, which it is, but it's so tiny that it makes applying the product a troublesome task. I worked with the bursh for some time before I got fed up and stopped using the eyeliner. Had the handle been a bit longer it would have made for a better overall package, especially because I had no angled eyeliner brushes. The bristles on this brush were not bad and really held the product well, while it was some what flexible. I guess that was just an incentive to tell me to buy an e.l.f full sized brush! hahaha


-Does not Smudge
-Goes on smooth
-Lasts all day
-Good for everyday use
-Very Pigmented
-Stays usable for about 1 year (takes so long to dry out!)
-Very affordable
-Lots of colours

-Tiny applicator (sample size eyeliner brush)

The Raw Sugar:
Besides the tiny sample sized brush that comes in the box with this eyeliner I don't think I have anything bad to say about this eyeliner. It lasts all day, barely smudges after it sets, comes in a number of colours, AND it's very affordable.

Where you can find it:
Barbados: I heard there's an e.l.f. store here; I'm yet to check it out
USA: www.eyeslipsface.com, Target

Disclaimer: This product review was not sponsored, I purchased this with my own money. This is my HONEST opinion on this product.


  1. Um Where is the supposed E.L.F store here located?

    1. It's supposed to be in Peronne village by Big B Rendez-vous. Hope you find it :)


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