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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review-a-Day: Maybelline Great Lash Big Washable

Hey everyone, today I'll be reviewing the Maybelline Great Lash Big Washable Mascara. The first product for my Review-a-Day series. Enjoy!

Let's start off with the brush. Strangely did not take a picture of the brush, haha; but I can describe it. The brush is similar to that of a regular spoolie, fibrous well-spaced bristles which are full and long for most of the wand then taper off at the end (as shown in above picture). The brush is good for giving definition, length and volume to the lashes, but the formula can clump if there is inadequate drying time.  I would say it gives an adequate amount of volume, but the length is really outstanding. Usually I just do one coat of mascara and go for the day, and it still looks groomed but natural.

The brush although very nice is a bit big for my eyes, so it can be really difficult to reach the lashes at corners of my eyes. With some manoeuvring it is possible however. Probably if I had the regular Great Lash it would be much more easily done, but I'd have to try that one out first.

The formula is relatively wet and takes about 5-7 seconds to dry completely. Depending on the time inbetween coats it can become somewhat clumpy, as you will see in the pictures. The formula does darken and lengthen the lashes well. But over time and a number of coats, the lashes become more stuck together and spidery.

This mascara lasts all day and takes a lot of effort to be taken off without make up remover.

This is supposed to be a washable mascara and it is very easily removed with regular make-up remover, even after 3 coats of mascara. I happened to sleep in this mascara and there was no raccoon eyes when I woke up which was a nice suprise, though I don't suggest sleeping in your mascara. Removing this mascara is a breeze and it looks like you haven't even been wearing mascara.

-Nice full brush
-Lengthens well
-OK Volumizing power
-Great for everyday wear
-Easily builds length and volume for night use
-Dries relatively quick
-Not Irritating to my eyes
-All-day wear
-Great Price (~$10 BDS)

-Brush is a bit big for my eyes

The Raw Sugar:
It is a great mascara for everyday use as it is buildable for lengthen and volume and it is washable so it's easy to remove. I would recommend for anyone looking for an affordable mascara. Definitely an veryday favourite of mine. I love this mascara, probably better than the Falsies, which I thought I'd like more. More on that tomorrow...

Where you can find it:
Barbados: Collins Pharmacy; could possibly be in iMart Sheraton or Lanterns Mall
USA: Drugstores

Disclaimer: This product review was not sponsored, I purchased this with my own money. This is my HONEST opinion on this product.

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