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Friday, February 10, 2012

Must-do for next year: Girlfriend's Expo!

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Girlfriend's Expo at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre (previously Sherbourne Conference Centre), and it was fantastic! I absolutely loved it! Both the patrons and the volunteers were treated very well. Although we would be behind the scenes running around, packaging goodie bags and such for the patrons about every hour, we still had a chance to browse the exhibits and enjoy the showcases the expo provided the patrons. In case you were wondering the expo ran for 2 days.

The exhibition is namely for females, however I realised that many of the displays, seminars and even the shows were unisex. So I would definitely recommend that guys attend too, especially because you could pick up something your girlfriend or wife has been eyeing before Valentines Day.

Taken from the GFE Facebook page
There were so many exhibitors present, from make-up retailers, car dealers, travel agencies, health and wellness (including sexual wellness), to apparel stores and major distributors.  I think one of the highlights was Move 2 More, a fitness centre which showcased pole and belly dancing. The pole dancing sessions definitely drew crowds to the entertainment room each day.

The seminars in the speaker's room were very interesting topics ranging from the "power of the Purse" by Miche Bags, "20 Tips to Healthy Living" by Healing Earth Life Products to "Smart People, Smart Sex" by the Better Blends Relationship Institute.

Taken from GFE Facebook page

 Many of the exhibitors gave out samples, which is one thing that Bajans particularly love and there were many chances to win items from both the holders of the expo and exhibitors.

The best part for me, besides the food, samples and pole dancing, was the make-up displays. I was stuck by the number of brand names which I thought were not and would not ever be available in Barbados. But I actually saw very many of them, O.P.I., China Glaze, Essie, Eco Tools, Naked Cosmetics, Sleek Make up UK, Color Club, OCC (Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics) and Sugar Pill, to name a few. I just went a round the first day in awe.

Ash next to her new favourite car :)

I made sure to make some connections with the owners of these booths because it would be great to buy such cosmetics at some point. I heard so many good things about each of them! I tried not to splurge too much but I did get a Sleek Palette that I had been eyeing for a very long time, from Essential Trends and a Zoya Nail polish which was bought on whim as it was so pretty. More on those soon.

I also had the opportunity to meet a bajan YouTuber who makes the cutest bows ever! (remind me so much of Hello Kitty ^__^). She was really nice, and luckily Ashley got one of her bows in sequin black. I also saw two other Bajan YouTubers, however from start to finish their booth was always busy, so I hadn't the chance to say hello.

There was also Make up Doll Cosmetics at the expo. I'm actually very proud of this bajan brand and I can't wait to try more of their products. My first YouTube review was on their starter product, a beautiful gold eyeshadow I still have.

Another highlight for me was meeting Lashawna from ColourCoded, the group who had brought in PurseBuzz for an O2B2 session in Barbados! She was very kind, and Icouldn't help but admire their booth. They were doing makeovers, and henna tattoos which I got one done (you'll see in video), as well as selling BH cosmetics palettes (eyeshadow, concealer and blush palettes) and NAKED cosmetic pigments very affordable. I think they even had train cases!

Oh to be behind the wheel...

Like I said, Girlfriend's expo was great for me and will definitely try to volunteer again! I hope you enjoy the photos, sorry about the quality, they were taken with my phone, but the second day I brought my video camera it was very busy, hahaha.

Until next post, Enjoy!
In the car off to an adventure ^__^

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