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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh How I've missed you!

Hey all! I've missed you guys sooo much! I'm so glad to be back! I am definitely more suited to blogging, beauty and science, than politics hahaha (for right now at least). It's a tough scene, but I'm happy with the experience even if I didn't win the post. I guess it brought about some realisations to me.

Being too professional often takes a lot from your personality and I definitely would not like to lose all of me inorder to succeed in something as unstable as politics. I also need to improve on my own confidence in order to be more outspoken and hopefully I can do this starting with my YouTube videos.

Anyway, this is just a quick update post. Hopefully videos should be back soon. I know I said I would have done a February faves and an Asian Candy for MArch, and I'm so sorry, but things just piled up and I barely saw my blog. I actually had a video from Valentine's Day to post as an extra for you guys. So I'll probably work on that this weekend when there's "less" to be done hahahaha. The work never truly ends.

How have you guys been keeping? I can't say enough on how much I missed blogging and my YouTube. Though, I have been sneaking on to Youtube and Blogger in free moments to catch a vid or post hehehe.

It's really great to be back!

Quick question. Do you think I should post my videos and blog posts to my facebook? I usually do to my twitter, but to expand my audience I was contemplating it.

Oh yes! I've finally reached 200 subscribers! I have somethign special planned, thanks a lot to Ashley also for the splendid idea :).

Ok Ok, I'm really going to go this time. I missed you guys so much! :DALRIGHTY!

Until next post
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