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Sunday, April 8, 2012

7 ways to Trendy for Spring 2012

Hey all! I've already made a post on what's trendy for spring in the beauty world, but meanwhile in fashion...
  1. Chiffon

  2. Neutral colours

  3. Colour Blocking

  4. Pastels

  5. Brights & Floral Prints

  6. Bold Prints

  7. Peplum


Spring Trends 2012


Spring Trends 2012- Chiffons & Neutrals
It's every where, in every shape, cut, size and pattern. I am absolutely loving it. The perfect way to a chiffon blouse without showing too much is to wear a bandeau bra or a camisole with a similar colour underneath. If you're more on the bold side, wear a bright contrasting colour with it. That's a sure way to make a mild romantic top pop!

Neutral Colours

It's something simple which never goes out of style, but remember not to overdo the neutrals because it can leave you looking pale and washed out. Not at all embracing those spring tans. The best way to keep that just happening is to wear a pop of colour with your neutrals, either a neon bag, a bright tangerine shorts or a pattern that will take away from the drab of a neutral colour. I'm really liking the pops of colour with these, because it's the perfect way to build confidence for the next trendy item...


Colour Blocking

Spring 2012- Colour Blocking & Pastels
This style could look really great once done in moderation.  To me, colour blocking is about the lines and shapes you can create by layering pieces of clothing of similar or contrasting colours. If an item is already made in a colour blocking style, then there is no point in trying to add more colour to your outfit. Everything does not necessarily  have to be bright or neon, but you could incorporate a neutral colour or a pastel to balance out the outrageousness of those lines you create.
Colour blocking could very easily turn from a bold expression for a love of colour to a clownish mess, so becareful with your layering and remember that balance is key.


I love pastels, they're so cute and remind me of sweet treats such as cupcakes, frosting and ice cream... Mmmm! I've been liking minty green for some time actually and with this trend, it's one of the leading colours. These colours could be used to subtly colour block or with a denim bottom or a neutral piece and you'd look cute and effortless. In the photo there's a cheetah print with is pastel based, I think that's the cutest thing ever!


Brights & Florals

Spring 2012- Bright & Floral BottomsThe perfect way to draw some attention to yourself. I have been seeing a lot of bright and floral bottoms. Not only floral skirts as existed all the time, but also floral denim. I'm sure this was probably aaround a long time ago too, but only just came back in. Whatever the case, I can wait to get my hands on a floral denim shorts or a bright coloured pants. (Yes I know I'm very late with this trend, but I still like it). More than likely I will be opting for these in the short versions because my legs are so long that it's a lot of colour to hand at a glance.

Of course, the easiest way to pull off these brights are to step into them gradually, a bright bag, a bright shirt, a bright pants.. but not all at once! I think this is also a good way to prepare yourself for a bit of colour blocking. (I'm mentioning a lot of this, but it's been here from since 2011 or 2010 and I  don't think it's going anywhere soon).

Along with  bright colours, I should not forget to mention that neon is also taking the world by storm. Highlighter hues are being seen from skinny belts to complete pants. A great way to add a pop to a neutral outfit, but remember again, MODERATION is key!

Bold Prints

Spring 2012- Bold Prints & PeplumAztec, Futuristic to timeless Ethnic or African prints can be seen everywhere. Bangles, bat wing tees, slouchy shirts, leggings, you name it, there's a pattern on it. I'm not too big on the patterned leggings because to me it's ver hard to make it look like a new outfit everytime you wear it. People tend to remember a bold print easier than they remember a colour. Eitherway, it's still nice to rock a few patterned jewellery pieces with a solid colour or an Aztec print tee without looking like you've overdone the trend.

Peplum Clothing

I am head over heels for this style! It's a nice way to get that hourglass shape everyone wishes they had. I'm sure I've seen this in style a while ago, and I wonder how a style like this goes out. It's definitely a classic in my book. In a good peplum skirt, the waistband pulls in around the waist, while the ruffling smooths over the shape of the hips to make them look fuller, creating the sexiest of figures. I love these, bondage skirts and pencil skirts for their sexy curves look, however I  think peplum would create an elegant shape that some of the others cannot.

That's all for this post on Spring trends I've been seeing. I hope you try out some if you haven't already and if you have please tell me all about it! What else have you been noticing this Spring?


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  1. I am loving the colour blocking trend :) xx


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