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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lazy Sunday Chit Chat: Holidays & Filming

Hey all! I am currently deep conditioning my hair. It's been in for about 3 hours already. I've done most of what I'm supposed to do for today. But now I'm pretty bored, so why not write a blog post!

I had posted recently about a hair update and quite honestly, I didn't have the time to get anything done Wednesday, so my hair's the same for right now, but should be changing in about 2 weeks. YAY, get ready for it!

I am actually going on holiday tomorrow with some friends for a week. After all the plannng it took, I can finally say I'm getting excited. Funny because it's just one day remaining and just yesterday I was still a bit worried about things I had forgotten to do hahah.

I'm been on my YouTube drinking up other peoples videos and enjoying myself hahaha, but I did have some videos filmed to put up. However I'm not sure I will, because the background is offsetting me too much. (really have to work on that) So I may just refilm those while I'm on vacation.

Also I did remember about my 200 subscriber contest. Trust that I didn't forget. I really want it to be for Caribbean and USA residents since I have many subscribers from those regions, but I'm not sure if I'd be able too (with these ridiculous shipping rates). If I wait a bit longer, I may be able to have it as that, as well as add a few more cool prizes. However if I have it now, I'd just be able to hold the contest for Barbadian, maybe Caribbean viewers. I'd really love some of feedback on the contest though. So be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

Another thing I always forget to blog is reviews! I've used some hair products and many are empty now even, but I still forget to post a review. So I'll be gettign to that shortly. Maybe another Review-a-day series? Did you like the one from January? But this time just hair products, if I have enough for that many posts.

Hmm what else? I cant think of anything more.
I could have probably filmed a video and made this shorter, but like I said, I'm deep conditionign my hair, so I look pretty whack ahahaha. Leave any request for posts or videos in the comments of course.

Love you all!

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