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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lazy Sunday Chit Chat: Crop Over 2012 & Music

It's Crop over again. I'm actually pretty late with announcing that here, but I just am not feeling it this year. Last year I was so excited for Crop Over. I'd turn on my radio everyday and blast the songs and dance around. I loved so many of last year's songs compared to now. I heard a few songs before the season started, and all it left me to think was, "what is bajan music coming to?".

It's just mediocre nowadays. I mean I haven't listened to very many, but what I've heard does not make me want to listen to more. I'm not going to quote lyrics or anything, my close friends know what songs I am referring to, but since when have we settled with making such plain, tasteless, jokey rhymes? It's just not enough to come out straight and say what you mean. It's almost like an insult to my intelligence. There's no double entendre, or a smart way to speak about your subject, as the older folk did for years.

When I was younger, I would have thought the lyrics to a song were referring to something simple, but as I grew, or learnt about the situation in that time, I recognised, there was a serious and deep meaning behind the song. Even party songs or yesteryear, involved something that children could hear without understanding fully what the song meant. I don't want to sound like an old bat, but where was the skill in spinning tasteful lyrics gone?

I wish I could write a song about it. However, Soca, or Calypso is not for me. That also is what I think a lot of the younger artists are not realising. Yes, Soca, Calypso and even Spouge are our artforms, but this doesn't mean it's for everyone. Can I paint my own nails, yes barely, but would I open a nail art shop? No, not unless I know I could provide good quality designs. In the same way, people who can sing should not only look into Soca or Calypso because they think it's easy, but also into other forms of music. They should perfect their art before they release some of the songs they sing. I really don't understand how some recording studios are just letting people get away with these things. But money makes the world go around right?

I feel like Bajans have also become a little too complacent with their tastes. I like quality in my music. I may like the occasional crude or stupid song, but I for the most part, I like things that are tasteful, that I would not be ashamed to share with the world as my favourite song.

Mind you, if I go in a party or a fete and these songs playing I still would dance to them, because the beats are good, and if you were to take away the lyrics, it's same to me. For general listening however, us bajans need to up our lyrics game.

That's what I've been thinking about this Sunday. What do you think of the new Soca and Calypso, or just party songs? Think I'm being to harsh? Is there any song you think I should definitely listen to? Or do you feel the same way? Are you also feelign rather meh with this coming Crop Over?



  1. I ask she where she come from, when she tell me where she from... Ahn cain down dey ya gaw come by me! Lol :p. But seriously I think its possible that there are decent song out there that we just aren't getting to hear because the radio stations and promoters are focussing on the junk that has no meaning. Now ppl just seem to want things that are catchy, they want things fast and easy like fast food (that's y so much bajans fat) the dj's need to start playing more of the music tho so that we can judge what is being produced fairly. At least we shud be happy that a few more people know what a protractor it now. (Hope I spelt that right lol)

    1. HAHA yes, more peole can now use protractors proudly LOL. I hope to hear more of the good music and maybe the radio statios won't deprive us of them. True though , bajans do want things too fast now, a lot of those habits reflecting on our health and lifestyle.

  2. Feting by RPB is actually a good song and is a clever way of talking about his subject. I really cant think of anymore though lol so yea we could only hope the music gets better

    1. I think I did hear that one but I was referring more to the younger entertainers. I dont really count the veterans too much though, they know their stuff, but sadly the youth aint learn much from them. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Okay soo im a music lover and its true bajan music is becoming mediocre in terms of lyrical content but then again this comedian style of music is what bajans take too, its not good for the international market but local seems to love it. Some really good songs have been created by younger soca artist this year but government they arent given the needed opportunities. Soo u cant be blamed for ur harshness towards the music.

    1. I see, the government and media has a big role in what we hear, that's really interesting to find out. Hopefully this changes in the future. Thanks for the comment :D


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