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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VO5 Conditioners Review- All hair textures!

I’ve been using the VO5 conditioners for a bout 2 years, trying different ones since I started doing cowashes in 2010. I’m no hair expert, but these are perfect for quick cowashes because they’re cheap ($4-5BDS), easy to find and most are relatively thick and most are very moisturising.

The first of the VO5 conditioners I used was the Tea Therapy in Vanilla Mint Tea which is a clarifying formula. I used this while my hair was texturised in 2010 and I was transitioning to natural. It really made both textures easy to manage and they blended well. I didn’t experience excessive dryness as I would after a shampoo and my hair felt clean. Even after I chopped off my hair and started a fresh texturiser, I continued to cowash with this conditioner and my hair really loved it. (I also used it as a deep conditioner, don’t judge me hahaha).

moisture passionfruit
After I grew out my hair from the texturiser in 2010, I continued to use the VO5 conditioners on my natural hair and it was still awesome. My hair wasn’t too frizzy after, I was able to detangle with the conditioner in my hair and sometimes I’d only partially rinse out the VO5 so a bit was left in to condition.  It definitely left my hair feeling great.

I had tried the clarifying versions of the VO5 conditioner  Herbal Escapes (Kiwi Lime), however only once or twice.  It was ok for clarifying, but not a big woop for me. I really like their moisture formulas because my hair absolutely loves moisture, so I also tried the Silk Experiences Champagne Kiss but quite frankly I don’t like scent, so that turned me off from it. I also used the Moisture Milk in Passion fruit Smoothie occasionally for moisture, I’d leave it in as a cheap alternative to a deep conditioner, which worked well for my hair. 

The most recent of the VO5 line that I had used was the Blackberry Sage Tea Revitalising Conditioner around the texlax in January of this year. It worked well for diluting the relaxer base and my hair felt good after also. I had also done a mix of it with coconut oil, which my hair seemed to like for some time, and generally the conditioner was good. It was not as thick or moisturising as the moisture formulas, and definitely did not have as much slip. The scent was amazing though, I definitely liked it. Had it been more moisturising I would have loved it. My hair definitely ate this one up.

teatherapy blackberry

I found that after conditioning with any of the VO5 conditioners my curls were well defined, until my hair dried and frizz started to take over. But that’s another story, the job of a good leave-in/ moisturiser, hahaha.
I recently picked up a new VO5 conditioner, well actually a repurchase of an old one I had liked, the Moisture Milks in Passion Fruit Smoothie. I wonder how my new texture will like it.

  • Cheap
  • Easy to find
  • Good at moisturising
  • Good slip for detangling
  • Good for transitioning
  • Worked well with processed and natural hair
  • Defines curls
  • Some formulas absorb faster than others, and hence you may need more product
  • Some scents are overpowering and very artificial
  • Costs can add up when you use a lot of product
The Raw Sugar:
Overall , they’re good for the price, especially if you’re going to be cowashing weekly. You’ll get a good few using out of them depending on your hair length. I hope you enjoyed this short review on the VO5 conditioners I’ve tried. Until next post…


Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this review. Images are not my own.

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