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Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to school HAIR! ♡

Hey all! I actually don't like school that much haha, but I was requested to do some back to school videos. So the first one up is a video of these two super easy hair tutorials. Takes no time at all and in fact you can prep for hair from the night before by moisturising and plaiting in two french braids or cornrows as we Caribbean people call them. Make sure to use a holding spray or hair gel (I chose gel because it works for my hair well when I do braid-outs like this).

So you get some really beachy waves this method and if u want tigher wavs, you can do more cornrows. However in beign lazy I only did 2.

Usually this is how these waves look on freshly relaxed hair. (My hair actually is overdue for a relaxer, but nevermind that.)

Here's the vid!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Perk up your skin with Coffee

I was having my usual morning coffee on Monday, and most times I would have instant rather than the ground type. But since I had run out of the former, I was had to use the French press coffee maker. When I came to wash the coffee maker, I felt like I was wasting those precious beans, so I decided to google some ways to get more uses out of my coffee. Bet you didn't know that coffee could be a part of your beauty regiment huh?

Despite the jitteriness some of us feel after having a cup of coffee, the caffeine could be good for your skin once applied topically.  You can use it to brighten your complexion, diminishing dark circles or even reduce the appearance of varicose/spider veins. Coffee is also full of antioxidants, so it's good to drink, but with moderation.

I can't wait to try these recipes!

Coffee Facial mask for Brightening the complexion:

Version 1 :

  • 4 tablespoons of ground coffee (organic and not of the “instant coffee” variety)
  • About ¼ cup of whole milk
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (Olive oil or lemon juice as alternatives)

  • Mix the ingredients together and add more or less ground coffee or milk to achieve a paste of your desired consistency.
    You use your fingers to apply the paste in a gentle circular massaging motion all over your face. Avoid the lips but make sure to put a bit under your eyes. Not only will the paste exfoliate, but the motion will also heighten circulation of the blood vessels beneath the skin's surface.
    Leave on for 20 mintues, then rinse off and pat face dry. Your face will be feeling tighter and clean, and there should be a glow to the skin.

    Version 2:

    Used Coffee Grounds
    Cup of milk

    Combine the ingredients until you get a thick paste, you may add an egg white to help with exfoliation. Apply to face avoiding both eye area and lips, and leave on for 20 minutes, massaging while it is on. Rinse it off and as you rinse, continue to rub gently, especially if your skin is sensitive. Pat your face dry then apply moisturiser. Your skin should feel refreshed and glowy.

    Mind you coffee's not a complete miracle product, there are still a lot of dangers associated with it and thus it should be consumed in moderation. According to this article, moderate intake is at most 24 oz. daily (250mg of caffeine).

    Are you going to try either of these recipes?


    Friday, August 24, 2012

    Pop Corn, a healthy snack for beauty inside and out

    Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard or boring and although this isn't my usual beauty post, I think as school approaches, it would be a good way to advise you how keep your body in check without going the extra mile. School is tough and grueling as it is. So pull up a seat, grab a bowlful and let's have a good chat about pop corn.

    Thursday, August 23, 2012

    Another JewelMint deal! BOGO wooot!

    Hey all! So I got this email this mornign about a BOGO sale one JewelMint going until the 26th August 11:59pm PST. So why not share the deal?  If you're not sure what JewelMint is refer to this post.

    Click pic to start!

    This time, JM is offering buy one get one FREE! Yes you heard right Free! Here's the catch, it's only for first time customers though, and this is a one time use code.

    Code: B1SUMR1
    Visit & Sign up for JewelMint here!

    Happy shopping!


    Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Affliate links are embedded within.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    I wasn't lost.. just very busy

    Hey all! It's been like 8 days since my last post. Seems like a lifetime. I hadn't even the chance to write you a Lazy Sunday post :(. Nonetheless, I promise I won't be letting that happen again, at least not without prior warning.

    I've been out and about since  last week, not even a chance to schedule posts or edit videos. I am trying to put together a Back to School series for my YouTube channel though along with some fall fashion posts for this blog. I tried filming today, but I'm really not sure if I liked the lighting, however, when I come to edit them this evening, I'll decide if I should refilm them.

    I've actually been busy with a huge project, not school-related luckily (school doesn't start until September thank God!). But something for a friend. I can't say too much on it as yet, but I assure you you will either hear more or see more about it later, so keep your eyes peeled!

    The contest winner has replied to my email and her prize will be sent out very soon. I thank you all for entering and suggesting more things for me to do on my channel. I will be looking into a few of them. Especially the outfits ones, I have to find somewhere to film those first, as my tripod is very tiny as, is my room along with the clutter hahah.

    Once again people are leaving and heading back to their respective countries of study, sad but I can't wait until next summer to see them again. I felt like we went out or visited each other a lot, but still not enough. So as Summer 2012 closes I have high hopes for next year, and even the remainder of this year.

    As a student, it always feels like the year is ending as summer ends, doesn't it? Anything interesting happen to you this summer? Or did you lounge around at home all day just relaxing? Were you able to use your time wisely or did something like a job or opportunity take up some of your time and kept you busy?

    Until next post...


    A Princess with some Spunk

    Hey everyone! My inspiration for this set was the denim vest style, totally in love with those right now. I like to pair girly dresses like this peach one with a vest so it adds some attitude to a sugary sweet dress. For the bag I matched it to this beautiful fabric necklace which I'm in love with. and I kept the shoes a neutral shade, but with a chunky look to keep the spunk going.

    What do you think of the outfit?


    A Princess with some Spunk


    Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Violet Smokey Tutorial. A contest entry

    Hi! So I have a nice evening look tutorial for you today. It's actually a contest entry for beautybyjj, Jennie Jenkins.

    Most would know that I'm a huge fan of purple, and when I go out to party I love to sport a purple or mauve smokey eye despite what I'm wearing. If not I'd just choose a very neutral look. Regardless, I think purple shades compliment my eye colour well.

    Products Used:
    Maybelline FIT Me Foundation- 350 Caramel
    N.Y.C. Color Smooth Face Loose Translucent Powder
    Boots Botanics Soothing & Calming Eye base
    Sleek "Oh So Special" Palette- The Mail, Noir, Gateau
    88 Matte Palette
    Coastal Scents HotPot- S16
    Lorac OnScreen Duo- Champagne & Caviar
    Milani Liquif'eye Metallic eyeliner- Black
    Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara- Very Black 
    Coastal Scents 10 Blush Palette
    e.l.f. Essential Lipstick- Fantasy
    Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick - Peach



    PS: Any tips on Eyebrows please leave them below. I'm trying to decide if I want to shape mine...

    Go Ombre or Go Home!

    Hey all! So today I have a nail post for you. I tried this a few weeks back maybe, I lost track. But I took pictures as it was drying so I could post them here later. Yes I know, my edges, especially my cuticles aren't the cleanest and I'm actually still working out how to paint my nails more efficiently, but please ignore the mess and tell me what you think of the gradient effect.

    It's actually my second time trying it, the first time, I just winged it and forgot the tutorial (compliments Nailasaurus) and it turned int a big mess. This time I read the tutorial while I did it, but I had to tweak the technique to my liking. Maybe my nail polishes aren't a good enough quality (hence the 3 coats until opaque), or maybe I'm just a bit too impatient with drying, but painting my nails has always been a weak point, something I'd put off or find a little unnecessary.

    I should also say, I suck at this nail-posing haahaha. (and yes.. there's paint on my hand, I'm a messy painter lol)

    What I used:
    e.l.f. Essential Nail polish- Mint Cream
    L.A. Girl Disco Brites- Turntable
    Top coat (random)
    Make up wedge (next time a more poroous sponge)
    Orangewood Stick (pointed side)
    Acetone (clean up)


    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    Lazy Sunday Chit Chat: Surprises and Disappointments

    I am over the moon to say that Shanele (one of my bffs) is finally back from Cuba to spend a bit of time home before school starts back! She surprised me one evening (maybe a week or 2 ago) by showing up at my home. I was asleep and thought I was dreaming like times before hahaha. So I sat in my kitchen just staring at her and smiling. Weird right, but I really missed her and the time we would spend together and it was really difficult to come to terms with her being gone for what seemed like a lifetime.

    Grand Kadooment was eventful I could say. It started off normal, got a bit dull before I left home to watch the bands and eventually it worked it's way up to a nice climax. I must say though, some of my guys friends are some caring and heroic individuals. I was so proud of them. Before you ask what I mean by that I'll tell you, the short story of course!

    We were perched from our vantage point while some revellers passed when Blackman, Rayside and my boyfriend Tyrell, realised that there was one reveller who was passed out and had left her band to rest nearby. She was passed out from before we got there and she still hadn't woken up by the end of the revelling. They started to become concerned about her wellbeing as it was getting later, while I (sadly) was a little more calm about the situation, thinking she would be ok.

    Well that was not enough for them and they did the most honourable thing I've ever seen anyone do. They lifted this girl from where we were to the nearest police station, despite the scoffs and silly somments of on-lookers. I just could not believe it. They cared for a stranger that much :). From that experience I've learnt not to take everything too lightly, but we should look out for our fellow countrymen although sometimes even I know I stress too much. I was just so proud of them and it ended my day on a great note.

    Once more this week I've learnt something. Sometimes you set your hopes up for things you thought people wanted and when the time comes, they really let you down, and not even in a mature way. They side step the situation and run away. It's no fun when you're the one left holding the junk as they scurry off. The worse part is, it wasn't exactly your idea, but you took your time and effort to work on things which people have suggested and even if it's not exactly the same, they don't always appreciate it. That could have been effort spent somewhere else.  

    I think others should look back and assess if they've done that to others because eventually, the person will get tired of the let downs and stop doing anything. Try to work on following through with plans and at least being gracious. The effort put in is often priceless and shows how much that person cares about you.

    This weekend has actually been pretty good though and I'm quite happy about that. Despite the pending arrival Tropical Depression, home life has been calm and dare I say... easy? Everyone was in high-spirits on Saturday, and today I'm supposed to be going out again to meet up with Shanele, Ashley, et partners lol. That should be interesting once the weather holds up. I can't wait!

    Going to be a busy week, but I hope you enjoy your lazy Sunday and even though tomorrow is Monday try not to get the weekend blues, please?


    All in all this week has held it's high-points and moments of utter disappointment, and that's what's been onmy mind this Sunday.

    Thursday, August 9, 2012

    Subtle Colour-Block Outfit

    *insert shameless self-promotion* Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!

    Hey all! I did this set a bit back, but never posted it here. Instead of the bolder colour-blocking with stipes or patterns, I chose two items that you could wear separate or together as in this outfit and they would still make a statement.

    I really am in love with mint green and bright orange combos. I paired nude accessories to tone down the brightness as I have In many of my colour blocking sets. That's just how I would prefer it, but of course you can go all out and throw in some crazily bright coloured accessories!

    Subtle Colour-Block

    Saint Tropez chiffon shirt
    $51 - nelly.com

    Charlotte Russe wedge heels
    Patent leather shoes
    $12 - office.co.uk

    Chanel shoulder handbag

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    Queen Helene Mint Julep Scrub Review

    Hey all, I have a review on a product I have raved about in my favourites videos. It's the Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural facial scrub.
    It's a really gentle yet effective exfoliator for your face. It does not contain any harsh chemicals such as AHA or BHA acids, but it  works to slough off dead skin cells through gentle abrasion.

    You wont see results in a day or so, but I did see a dramatic difference with the overall tone of my face after a bout a month had passed.It didn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight. I was pretty impressed with it. AND it lasted almost a year with daily usage, so it could be considered an investment. (was only $9BDS anyway).

    For more info you can check out the video for more to see the consistency.

    Have you ever tried this scrub, have any recommendations for gentle yet effect facial scrubs? Or just Good skincare items for normal skin types?
    AND have you entered my Thank you giveaway as yet?


    Sunday, August 5, 2012

    Lazy Sunday Chit Chat: Make up & Kadooment

    Hey all! This Lazy Sunday post is pretty late. Might even be Monday by the time the video uploads. But anyway, this Sunday I woke up feeling to put some make up on, so I tried out a few looks for the fun of it.
    Who's going Kadooment tomorrow? I am!! Hope to see some of you there :)  and of course I'll be vlogging most of it. Though I'm not sure sure about what I'm going to wear... hmmm


    Saturday, August 4, 2012

    My Take on Jessica Alba's Style with LensCrafters and Coach

    Hey everyone! This is actually a contest entry for the Coach and LensCrafters competition on Polyvore. I recently saw this picture of Jessica and was compelled to restyle it adding my own quirks to it. I love flowy skirts, but for me, bodycon skirts are more flattering to my figure. Since this skirt has in more royal blue than Alba's, I choose another accent colour, pink in this case for my blazer, which I would wear a white camisole under. For my eyewear, I chose these glases frames because they are close to my current glasses, and I love the colour and shape. Finally I choose to wear neutral heels istead, to tone down the brightness of the outfit, especially if I wore a mustard yellow bag as Alba is.

    My Take on Jessica Alba's Style with LensCrafters and Coach

    Tell me what you think of the outfit!

    Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!


    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    Last Lap for Crop Over 2012

    (Don't miss out on your chance to win lots of goodies :) Enter my giveaway! )
    It's that time again, the final Jump up, the last few competitions, the grand Hoorah! Crop Over 2012 is coming to an end. This Crop Over I havent been very involved in as much as last year. I didn't listen to much of the music or follow all of the shows, but I definitely well be getting in the remants on Monday, for Grand Kadooment!

    I wonder how this weekend witll turn out with a Tropical Storm coming, but you know rain never stopped a Bajan from partying yet! (though sadly it stops them from working lol)

    Here's last year's post on Crop Over, hopefully that gives you a good preview of what this weekend will be like. I'll probly have an OOTD and a vlog of Grand Kadooment.

    As said by Edwin Yearwood from Krosfyah:
    "No rain can't spoil this lat jump, no Sun can't spoil this one..."

    If you're uncertain as to what Crop Over here in Barbados is, you may check out the video I did last year.

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