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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Go Ombre or Go Home!

Hey all! So today I have a nail post for you. I tried this a few weeks back maybe, I lost track. But I took pictures as it was drying so I could post them here later. Yes I know, my edges, especially my cuticles aren't the cleanest and I'm actually still working out how to paint my nails more efficiently, but please ignore the mess and tell me what you think of the gradient effect.

It's actually my second time trying it, the first time, I just winged it and forgot the tutorial (compliments Nailasaurus) and it turned int a big mess. This time I read the tutorial while I did it, but I had to tweak the technique to my liking. Maybe my nail polishes aren't a good enough quality (hence the 3 coats until opaque), or maybe I'm just a bit too impatient with drying, but painting my nails has always been a weak point, something I'd put off or find a little unnecessary.

I should also say, I suck at this nail-posing haahaha. (and yes.. there's paint on my hand, I'm a messy painter lol)

What I used:
e.l.f. Essential Nail polish- Mint Cream
L.A. Girl Disco Brites- Turntable
Top coat (random)
Make up wedge (next time a more poroous sponge)
Orangewood Stick (pointed side)
Acetone (clean up)


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