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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lazy Sunday Chit Chat: Surprises and Disappointments

I am over the moon to say that Shanele (one of my bffs) is finally back from Cuba to spend a bit of time home before school starts back! She surprised me one evening (maybe a week or 2 ago) by showing up at my home. I was asleep and thought I was dreaming like times before hahaha. So I sat in my kitchen just staring at her and smiling. Weird right, but I really missed her and the time we would spend together and it was really difficult to come to terms with her being gone for what seemed like a lifetime.

Grand Kadooment was eventful I could say. It started off normal, got a bit dull before I left home to watch the bands and eventually it worked it's way up to a nice climax. I must say though, some of my guys friends are some caring and heroic individuals. I was so proud of them. Before you ask what I mean by that I'll tell you, the short story of course!

We were perched from our vantage point while some revellers passed when Blackman, Rayside and my boyfriend Tyrell, realised that there was one reveller who was passed out and had left her band to rest nearby. She was passed out from before we got there and she still hadn't woken up by the end of the revelling. They started to become concerned about her wellbeing as it was getting later, while I (sadly) was a little more calm about the situation, thinking she would be ok.

Well that was not enough for them and they did the most honourable thing I've ever seen anyone do. They lifted this girl from where we were to the nearest police station, despite the scoffs and silly somments of on-lookers. I just could not believe it. They cared for a stranger that much :). From that experience I've learnt not to take everything too lightly, but we should look out for our fellow countrymen although sometimes even I know I stress too much. I was just so proud of them and it ended my day on a great note.

Once more this week I've learnt something. Sometimes you set your hopes up for things you thought people wanted and when the time comes, they really let you down, and not even in a mature way. They side step the situation and run away. It's no fun when you're the one left holding the junk as they scurry off. The worse part is, it wasn't exactly your idea, but you took your time and effort to work on things which people have suggested and even if it's not exactly the same, they don't always appreciate it. That could have been effort spent somewhere else.  

I think others should look back and assess if they've done that to others because eventually, the person will get tired of the let downs and stop doing anything. Try to work on following through with plans and at least being gracious. The effort put in is often priceless and shows how much that person cares about you.

This weekend has actually been pretty good though and I'm quite happy about that. Despite the pending arrival Tropical Depression, home life has been calm and dare I say... easy? Everyone was in high-spirits on Saturday, and today I'm supposed to be going out again to meet up with Shanele, Ashley, et partners lol. That should be interesting once the weather holds up. I can't wait!

Going to be a busy week, but I hope you enjoy your lazy Sunday and even though tomorrow is Monday try not to get the weekend blues, please?


All in all this week has held it's high-points and moments of utter disappointment, and that's what's been onmy mind this Sunday.

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