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Friday, August 24, 2012

Pop Corn, a healthy snack for beauty inside and out

Eating healthy doesn't have to be hard or boring and although this isn't my usual beauty post, I think as school approaches, it would be a good way to advise you how keep your body in check without going the extra mile. School is tough and grueling as it is. So pull up a seat, grab a bowlful and let's have a good chat about pop corn.

If you know me well, you would know that I've always been a huge fan of pop corn. I used to love it as a child when it was 50 cents a bag from the shop next to my school and I still love it now. I even make it myself on the stove as often as I feel like. (no microwave for me!)

I eat a lot of pop corn and for that reason, I decided to do a bit of research on it a while back. And would you believe it, pop corn is good for you! No, I'm not talking about the movie theatre pop corn with the tons of butter-flavoured oil or whatever that stuff is, mind you I love that fake butter stuff, but I digress.

I should probably own one of these...look at that buttery goodness!

Believe it or not, pop corn is packed full of fibre (or roughage as some call it), which is good for digestion as well as exercising teeth and gums. So all that hard chewing is worth it haha. If you have problems with gas or indigestion, pop corn would be a good way to remedy the situation according to this article.

Besides being a good source of roughage, pop corn also contains many minerals such as Iron, Phosphorus and Calcium. You could say pop corn is a great growing food for kids or good to help adults maintain a healthy body. Well I guess that may explain my bones and teeth... I was eating pop corn unconscious of the benefits.

Popcorn is also filled with B vitamins such as Niacin, Riboflavin and Thiamine, which are good for cell growth, upkeep of the central nervous system, digestion as well as keeping the skin in good condition. Not only that but it's also a good source of protein

This may not apply to some adults, but pop corn has a lot of calories which is good for active children, and for me it's great because I have very long days at school and need something which will give me energy to keep going as well as feel full. Making it a very good on-the-go snack. And for those of you watching your weight, it's been rumoured that pop corn can help with weight-loss.

If you need a quick snack for work or school I would say that pop corn is a great option. You could choose to stove-pop or even air-pop for super healthy options. Though I prefer to mix my stove-popped corn with microwave bags (because of the butter, it's my kryptonite). If you choose to use just microwave corn, you can buy the natural or light butter options and of course a Butter Lovers every once in a while, as a bit of a splurge hehe.

Happy Munching!


Disclaimer: Images are not my own

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