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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lazy Sunday Chit Chat: School & Fall

Hey all! Finally got back to writing these chit chats which I missed posting. This Sunday is the final day of vacation before dreaded school starts back. I know it's not great to have such a bad attitude about school because it will benefit me in the long-run, but really I'm just feeling sad about it starting again.

This year is my final year of university and despite having registered, I don't feel ready to return tomorrow. I feel like a need another week to upload videos, read blogs and to go buy school supplies, which I have slacked on purchasing this summer. Very unlike me, because I love stationery and that's what excites me most about going to school.

Regardless, I don't feel like my summer has been wasted at all this year. I may not have gotten a paying job, but I did many things which I'm very happy about, spent time with friends and family, kept my videos and post very consistent and even had some new adventures, one which you will hopefully be seeing very soon. (Hint: it has something to do with film.) Some things this summer could have been better, but I'm hoping as the year goes by that I can improve that. 

I have big goals for this school year  which I will hopefully achieve to the best of my ability as well as quickly. Funny thing though, at the beginning of the school year I feel more inclined to make life changes or set new goals than at New Years.

Speaking of school, you may have noticed that I'm doing Back to School videos. A tad late, but nonetheless informative, so make sure to check it out. I'll have a direct link to the related posts in the right sidebar.

Anyway, I've also been thinking about Fall. The season not the action haha. I know in Barbados we don't get Fall or Autumn as some call it, just year-long sunshine or the occasional rainfall. It's the one thing that makes me envoious of the countries with 4 seasons. I love cold weather apparel, the cute woolen UGG boots, oversized knit sweaters, and hoodies. Leggings (the one of the only times it's acceptable to wear leggings as pants), calf-high leather boots, funky socks, super comfy pajamas, scarves and of course, beanies and barets!

This year I'm hoping to do a fall lookbook using Polyvore, taken inspiration from the MBFW Fall 2012 collections. I've already started compiling looks I want to recreate or add my own quirks to.
If you have any suggestions for looks, don't hestitate to tell me. You could leave it as a comment, or email me at chrisamoryt@gmail.com.


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