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Sunday, November 11, 2012

He Surprised me!

I know I hadn't blogged much about my life since my birthday post. I've actually been quite busy with lab write ups and essays for these final weeks through the wringer. BUT, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday! Tyrell, my boyfriend as you may know, threw a surprise birthday party for me at the beach with some of my closest friends :).

It was the biggest highlight of my week! I may do a video on my birthday, though I'm not sure how much of the video is usable because we were on the beach at night, and then the light kind of went out and we were just left with candles, hahaha!

Nonetheless, it was so much fun and I know a lot of planning and care went into it. Usually I plan outings/events and sometimes I feel like I would pull my hair out when things aren't running on schedule and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. This was huge! Tyrell did a great job at keeping me guessing, especially since I had a feeling that he would do it, but then my friends (who he got in on it) actually played some leading and confusing roles in this crazy production. Pretending to forget when my birthday, and even asking me to go to a practice on the same day with them, hahaha.

Every thing was just perfect! But, more on that in a vlog, it's so much easier to yap yap yap, than to type sometimes hahaha. So stay tuned if you want to see that. ALSO I will include the outfit that I wore on my birthday :)

AND in case you are not sure who Tyrell is, check out this video!

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