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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Model 21 Lashes Review-2T

Today, I have a review for you all on Faux Eyelashes from Model 21 Eyelashes,visit the website at http://www.model21eyelashes.com! I received this sample box for free, however it does not mean my opinions on the product are biased. I have had some time to try the lashes,and here's what I think of them thus far.

The packaging is very cute, and easy to open. If you go on the Model 21 website, they specifically warn people about retailers on Amazon selling counterfeit 10 pair boxed eyelashes. However they have changed their packaging to remedy that problem. I really do like this packaging, very simplistic but girly. This box contains 10 lashes, 2 of each lash styles 2T, 3T, 19T, 40T and 63.

I love that you can get 10 pairs of eyelashes for at least $8 and they are supposed to be handmade, from synthetic fibres. They aren't the most pliable lashes, but with a bit of manipulation, it's easy to get them on. Of course, an eye lash curler could have helped with this also.

I have used the Miss Adoro lashes before and I remember being very disappointed with one particular pair after I tried to remove from the packaging and also after I took them off my eyes. Surprisingly,  the plastic backing holding the lashes nor the glue strip running along it, did not hinder me from removing the lashes from the packaging. I had no tearing of the lash, which was great! AND on takign them off my eyes, they did not sprawl out or go weird on me, so I can definitely reuse them.

First, I tested out one pair of the 2T on a Saturday shopping trip. In the box they do not as big as they really are, or perhaps my eyes are really small, but I had to trim them to my eye shape. now here come the dilemma with new lashes, they are somewhat stiff. So I had to work them, twisting them slightly until they were not just the default curve and fit my eyes better.

These are very dramatic! I had not realised that when I first put them on until I looked up and realised the lashes were brushign my eyebrows, HAHA! But none the less, once you can put these on better than I did that day, I assure you they'll look lovely. They have awesome length and mixed in with my real lashes, it looked LUSH!

The outer corners gave a bit of trouble, and I really couldn't get them to stay as much as I wanted, but I'm sure as I get more accustomed to these lashes I'd rectify that.

Were they comfortable? At first not so much, sort of like new shoes, they needed breaking in, but after 1 hour, I had forgotten I was wearing them.

The only real problem I had was shipping as I am an international customer, for which shiping is at most 31 days.... YEAH...

  • Affordable
  • 2T style is very dramatic
  • Variety of styles ranging from dramatic to subtle
  • Comfortable
  • Can blend with natural lashes well

  • Takes some manipulation on first wear
  • Shipping time was excruciatingly long (for international customers) 

The Raw Sugar:
I haven't tried every style yet, but as I do I will update with more reviews of the lashes. However I know I am very pleased with this box and will be playing around with the lashes in a number of looks which you may see on my YouTube. I would definitely purchase more of these lashes, they are great value for money. I actually got a lot of compliments on the 2T and 3T pairs.
For more information on the Model 21 boxed lashes check out their website.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes, however I have not been compensated for this review. Opinions on this product are MY OWN and have not been influenced.


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