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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 Gifts for Her!

Gifts for Her! (2012)

I had done one of these gift guides last year,and this year I actually wasn't planning  to do another one, but I couldn't help myself. So many great ideas came to my mind this year, this season really got to me early, haha.

Lately I was very interested in skincare and thought that this would make a good addition to any girl's skincare regimen. The Sigma Beauty Cleansing & Polishing tool is similar to the coveted Clarisonic exfoliator but is far more affordable. For $43USD, you get the polishing tool, which I think is battery operated, and 3 different brush heads of various degrees of firmness. I know I would love to receive this as a gift, especially now the weather is changing and my skin is getting drier and beginning to peel.

I have been eyeing Vera Wang Princess (the original) for sometime, it just smells soooo good. I think this perfume or any light floral or fruity perfumes would be great for any lady in your life. I love to smell good, even if it's just a scented hand cream or body wash, like those from Victoria Secret. Around this time, you can pick up gift sets for just about any fragrance (even the knock offs). If you want your fragrance to last longer you could layer the body wash, lotion and spray versions. I like to keep it simple, a few spritz of a perfume or body splash and I'm ready to go!

Besides new fragrances, I've really been coveting more storage for my makeup and other daily essentials. Something to help me to declutter my dresser, but is not a hassle to get in and out of on a late morning. A good place to get organisation materials in Barbados is Sort Your Stuff, Dwellings  or the kitchen aisle of most stores. You could buy specific items for organising bathrooms or makeup areas or, you can also multipurpose kitchen space-arrangers into neat counter organisers. I know another great place to find them is the Container Store, which stocks a plethora of organisation materials. I'm always getting carried away looking for ideas on their website and the items aren't too expensive either.

Now you have everything organised, why not get a pretty mirror to look at your reflection? I've always wanted one of those magnifying light up mirrors, and saw some selling in Collins (Barbados) just a month ago. That would be perfect for any beauty-lover, as she can get really good detail when she's doing her brows, eye make up or just admiring herself, haha. I know you can also find these mirrors at Dwellings Barbados, and overseas at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Wal-Mart.

Finally a new set of make up brushes would be the icing on the cake! Single brushes are usually quite expensive, especially high-quality ones. Luckily, Sigma Beauty has a variety or brushes and brush sets which are extremely affordable compared to other brands. High quality and durable, I've heard so many good things about Sigma's products. There is one brush collection of theirs that I have been gaga over since the date of release, sadly I haven't gotten it as yet but, this brush set would make the perfect gift for any make up enthusiast! The Make me Up collection comes on black, turquoise, red and purple, my favourite *hint hint*, and is a complete make over kit, with 12 brushes for your face and eyes. Not only is it a ton of great brushes, but they are full-sized and come with a travel case which could double as a brush holder for your vanity.  As a makeup lover, I know I would love this as a gift!

You can buy them from the Sigma Beauty website, send I have a code for 10% off any Sigma purchase. Not only that but when you spend over $30, you receive a free gift! How sweet is that? They also ship internationally!  So you could get your brush set and the polishing tool shipped straight to your home, or to the person you are gifting!

Sigma Coupon: DEC2012

Disclaimer: This gift guide was in no way sponsored. Sigma Beauty affiliate links are embedded in this post.


  1. Great Post!! Vera Wang Princess is one of my all time favorites!! :))

    1. Thank you :) I've smelt it and totally want it. Smells so amazing!


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