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Friday, December 14, 2012

5 Gifts for Him!

Gifts for Him! (2012)


Guys are never easy to shop for, trust me I know! They think it's hard to shop for us girls, but boy are they wrong. This guide should hopefully make it easier for you to get the perfect gift for your guy friend, boyfriend or husband!

Sometimes guys feel a little intimidated buying skincare, but they know their acne is flaring up and don't know what to do otherwise. I remember being in the skincare aisle and this mature man was standing there looking absolutely petrified and telling the sales assistant this is all women stuff, he doesn't know what to get. Thankfully, she corrected him and told him it's SKIN stuff, something that more guys should know and pay attention to. It's not like they are immune from skin problems, we're not telling you to put on mascara either, but at least take care of your skin, you'll have it for your whole life.
A number of brands such as Clinique and L'Oreal provide a men's care line (no cute, girly packaging) that would be a great nudge for the man in your life. You don't have to buy the whole line either, just one or two products. I suggest an after-shave lotion, acne spot treatment and a moisturiser at least. Of course it depends on what your guy needs. I know the Clinique Scruffing Lotion is very effective at clearing up clogged pores and preventing ingrown hairs. It's actually sold here in Barbados at Cave Shepherd, so if you think your guy needs it, that's the quickest way to get it.

A clothing item like a hoodie or a nice sweater that your guy can wear on chilly days always makes a great gift. It's comfy and versatile and everytime he wears it, he'll be reminded of you. Forever21 has some really affordable male outwear. You can also find some sweaters at Hollister, which are  a bit pricey, but is probably worth the price. If your boyfriend is a WWE lover like mine is, you could totally get him one of these WWE sweatshirts from his favourite wrestler. (They ship internationally too!)
Guys always seem to wear out wallets soo fast. I guess it's because they are constantly sitting on the wallet, it bends and eventually zippers are falling off and there are coins spilling everywhere. So you could always get your guy the classic gift of a wallet. As played out as getting a wallet may be, it's always nice to get a genuine leather one. It may be a bit of a splurge, but the quality is outstanding. Otherwise you could get a wallet with a nice design like a cloth wallet. It may not be a sturdy as a leather wallet but it is nice to look at. You can get male wallets from outlets like Asos where they sell a variety of  more affordable brands, while Nordstrom has a selection of higher-end brands. In Barbados you can also pick up QuikSilver, LAND and other brand of wallets for guys in Cave Shepherd. I like this one from Volcom, the pattern is really captivating.

A Watch. Not like he doesn't know you'll usually be running late, but guys who wear a watch always look more put together. I  think the same of women, sadly my watch batteries are always dead, so I never wear one haha. You can get him a really nice watch that is waterproof, sturdy and has a bunch of cool functions, like the Citizen Eco-Drive, which amazingly never dies. There are a range of different modes with varying price points, so it could be either an affordable gift or a nice splurge. I love the one above from Citizen. In Barbados you can also get great watches at just about any jeweller.

Now your guy is looking sharp and to top it off, you could get him a cologne, something special. Maybe he's had a particular cologne and it's been running out on him. You could do him one bette and get a gift set. Honestly, I don't go testing out men's fragrances, so I don't really have any particular suggestion, but a good-smelling guy is always appreciated. I know I love when my guy wears his signature scent. I like the look of this bottle of Gucci Guilty Intense by Gucci, it's really sleek and simple.

Hopefully something on this list has got your gears moving and you can figure out just what to get your guy friend. If you have any more suggestions for gifts guys may like, you could leave them in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post was in no way sponsored.


  1. I had so much time reading this interesting post. Buying a gift to a man is really hard because most of us don't know what he really likes. Anyways, thanks for those ideas.

    1. You're welcome and I totally understand, they think it's easy to get them gifts when they hardly say what they like haha.


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