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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 Gifts for the "Person who has Everything"!

I don't know if you might have realised, but I skipped out gifts for siblings, because mine are all a lot older than me and don't live with me, so it's really hard for me to figure out just what they'd need without being obvious. However today I'm going to do a gift guide for the person who has just about everything  which could apply to siblings. As well as parents, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, just about anyone. I'm not much into useless gifts, so as long as they serve a good purpose, I'll give them as a gift.

I think a yummy-smelling or even an aromatherapy candle like those sold at Bath & Body Works, could be an inexpensive and thoughtful option as a gift for anyone. Sometimes filling a room with a comforting scent is just what you need, despite the tons of gadgets, books or other things the person may have. Here in Barbados, it may be a bit more difficult to find really nice scents, but there are some out there (check out Woolworth or grocery stores). In USA other brands also sell fragrant candles like Diamond Candles and Candles by Victoria. This is definitely a thoughtful gift, especially if you can pick out a scent which the receiver will love. If you're a bit cautious about candles, you could also get them bottled room scents or a diffuser.


What if the person is more on the arsty side? A cool painting, picture or even an ornament could make a great gift! Of course, some people would appreciate this kind of gift more than others, so if you choose to get something like this, do so wisely. If you know the person you're gifting is interested in architecture, you can get them a picture of some amazing architectural design like the Eiffel Tower. If they're into fashion or even make up, you can get them a colourful still-life or a portrait of one of their style icons.


Do you have a person who loves food on your list? Why not get them a huge box of their favourite snack or a sampler tray of so they get to try a variety. For me some that I always would love to receive at Christmas are cookies. The original Danish butter cookies are the best. So while others are hooked on chocolate, those are my favourite thing, as they only come out for Christmas. Some people may like not only chocolate, candy and baked goods but I've even known persons to enjoy cheeses. Now honestly, I like cheese, but I don't think I would enjoy a tray of like 10 varieties of cheese. That's a bit much for me, hahaha. At this time of year there are all sorts or treats selling in bulk, so just check out your supermarket.

I think something that ANYONE would enjoy is a home personal massager. After the stress of the Holidays (or exams for some of us), it would be nice to sit back and relax those tired muscles. It would be a great year-round gift, which I think would be most greatly appreciated by older adults. You can get these in any store that sells home appliances most times. The one pictured is sold at Walgreens.


If you have an enviromentalist on your list, you could plant a tree in their honour and I'm sure they'd love that! If I were to do this for my dad, I know he'd love me to plant a fruit tree, because it just makes more sense than planting a tree with gives nothing back to you but shade, haha. My dad's hilarious. I think there are organisations which allow you to give the gift of a tree in USA, but here in Barbados, it's as simple as getting a tree cutting or a sapling and planting it in your backyard.

Ok so I couldn't help myself with this one. These serve no purpose, but I think that they're cute and funny. Quite the gag gift, Moustache sunglasses! These are sold at the original Sun-Staches store and come in a variety of colours and moustache styles hahaha. I remember I first spotted Kandee Johnson (YouTube Guru) wearing these in her videos and I though t it was so hilarious. I think the concept was orginally brought about to celebrate Movember (November- Prostate Cancer Month), though I'm not completely sure.

Do y'all remember those advertisements, where they'd say "for everything else, there's MasterCard"? I don't think you can get another person a MasterCard, or would want to unless you're really generous, but a gift card such as the Amazon gift card sure does feel like a Master Card. Amazon has a plethora of items for sale, meaning your giftee could buy their heart's content. Books, jewellery, electronics, beauty items, food, appliances... the list goes on! In the USA, you could also get them a store specific gift card like a Sephora gift card, Walmart, CVS, Target. While for us here in Barbados you can get gift cards for Chefette, Cave Shepherd, Italia Coffee House, Super Centre, and even some clothing stores. So for the person who already has everything, when they need something more, they'd be able to get it, thanks to you!

Hope you're getting all your holiday shopping done, if you haven't finished already. I know how hectic stores can be during the Yuletide. It's insane the amount people spend during this time alone. I would personally gather gifts year-round so that at this time you don't have to be in with the rush. Sadly in Barbados, the best gift sets come out around this time (-_-) but I digress.

Merry Christmas and stay tuned for the next post. My personal Holiday wishlist!

Disclaimer: This post was in no way sponsored.


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