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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ginessa had Sour Grapes and a Purple Fever (NOTW)

Hey all! I painted my nails kind of special for my birthday, which was in October and I wanted to show you guys. Sadly time got away from me and I ended up posting more time appropriate posts, but I still had pictures of my birthday nails. BTW excuse my awkward nail posing, I'm still trying to get the hang of it. It's not often that I paint these and tell them to pose.

I first started out with what is probably my favourite colour, Ginessa from Zoya, then I tried acetone marbling. Maybe that's the name, but I saw it on one of the many nail blogs that I follow and decided to try it. I used my Sinful Colors Nail art polish in Sour Grapes and the technique involved painting on the colour, then dipping a piece of cotton wool in acetone and dabbing or swiping some of it off.
I did that to all of my nails, THEN I sponged on Ruby Kisses nail polish in Purple Fever, using a make up wedge, since I didn't like how messy the acetone marbing looked.

Sadly I was not satisfied with the look that came of either, so I tried to savage it with my Maybelline color Show nail lacquer in Carbon Frost,which is a crackle polish. After I did that I still was feeling kind of iffy about it, but I decided to put on the top coat, because that was already 30 mins gone and I had places to go.

Surprisingly adding top coat make everything look better and I wondered why I hadn't just dont that after I had marbled and sponged.

Ah well. Tell me what you think of the final look. BTW this is about 2 days wear, and I think I had a bit of tip wear. Surprisingly, this manicure lasted the entire week, but I got bored and started to peel away the polish (woops).

It kinda looks all one colour in pictures...

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