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Friday, January 25, 2013

Cute and Easy French tip nails tutorial

I learned this technique a while ago from SCCastenada on YouTube,  to create easy fool-proof french tip nails.  You don't need tape nor nal strips.  I've tried it that way before and it always turns into a big mess for me.  But this way is a bit easier,  all you need is white nail polish,  acetone or nail polish remover with acetone and an eye shadow brush that you no longer use.  If it's a "C"  shape that's perfect, but the one I had was a bit more random because I used it before and it's not the best quality.  I think you are supposed to use synthetic brushes, though I'm not sure what will happen with a real hair brush.

This is my first recorded nail tutorial and let me tell you,  preparing/filming it was not as easy as I thought.  Sadly at some points, you can't see what I'm doing either, but I'll work on that for the next tutorial! In my cramped room, I had so much trouble setting up my tripod for the perfect light,  and then I still needed to use my lamp because the video looked a bit dim. Also if it's out of focus at some points I apologise, definitely need to get a camera where I can set the focal range.  That'll be one of my goals for this year.

 These are actually very easy (if you're not recording yourself) to do. Just french tips and a cuttle like neon pink heart. I had more than one shade of pink, but I settled on this one. It's not too flashy and doesn't take a very long time. The hardest part was waiting for the polish to dry.
Anyway I hope you enjoy the tutorial and if you have any suggestions or criticisms you can leave them as a comment.  Also if you do these nails you can post them on my facebook fan page or @ mention me @Chrisamor28 on Twitter.


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